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Thread: Suggested activity monitor

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    +1 for the Fitbit One.
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    I'm not sold on the fitbit, but willing to be convinced. Currently I use a rather clunky omron pedometer. What I like is that I can see the actual number of steps at any given moment, and if I'm riding around on a bumpy bus or taking the mexico city subway and notice that, opps, I've just gained 250 erroneous steps while sitting down as I travel, I can simply reset the device or subtract those "steps" from my total. With a fitbit I'm afraid there'd be no way to compensate for inaccurate counts as I'm jostled around the city? I don't care about anything but the step counts so fancy graphs of calories burnt and sleep quality don't do it for me. That said, I'm a sucker for trendy fashion forward fitness devices and feel tempted by the fitbit. What do you say--should I make the high-technology splurge or keep walking with my trusty omron?

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    My fitbit doesn't add false steps in public transport, but sometimes adds false floors in car. But there is simple solution, you add the activity "sitting in car" for that period of time and it resets the floors.
    You can see steps, floors and calories directly on the display of fitbit one, and then look at detailed statistics on website or mobile app.
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    Thanks SugarFree! I didn't realize you could see an actual step count on the fitbit; thought it was just a flower that grew. Nice to know too that public transportation doesn't throw it off so much. That's a big problem with my Omron, at least here.

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