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Thread: First week primal!

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    Hi and welcome! I wanted to address your question about still feeling hungry after a big salad.
    1) be sure you have plenty of protein on the salad
    2) Avo is a great filling (fat) addition to a salad

    Also it is important to realize that when you eat a high carb meal (pizza, sandwhiches etc) you get near instant sugar spike. If that is what you have been eating then your body is just telling you that it is missing. It takes a little longer for the fats and protein in your salad to trigger satiety. I find a small amount of dried or fresh fruit helps me to push thru that feeling.

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    Hi, welcome and a wonderful life to you. It gets easier so hang on in there; don't eat too little -the first weeks are adjustment times. Read lots on Marks blog and enjoy

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