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Thread: Study: eating less at breakfast will not make you hungrier at lunchtime

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erik W View Post
    It is good to eat breakfast, it makes your body function better, whether you know it or not. And it is good to eat regular meals over the day. A typical way to gain weight is when especially guys skip meals - skip breakfast and only eat something quick for lunch - then binge when it is time for dinner. With less meals your body gets the signal that it is starving and must save calories, and so you gain weight and have a hard time reprogramming your body from that state.
    Your personal hypothesis?

    As I understand it most overweight individuals have 3 regular meals and then some.

    Me personally one meal a day for nearly 6 months now and weight stable, no up or down.

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    Depends on the breakfast, for me. There is a local gastro pub that has does a Sunday brunch and one of their selections is what they call the Sunday Smokehouse. It is a combination of meats such as pork belly, smoked brisket, and Carolina pulled pork, two eggs and some kind of potato. The meal always has the pork belly, but the other meats do vary. It does come with a beer, but I've started getting their Bloody Mary, cuz they make it from scratch. Anyway if I get that breakfast, I don't need to eat for the rest of the day.

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