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Thread: beans, lentils, etc... What's the deal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajm422 View Post
    1. Excellent username. I hope you're a lawyer.

    2. Primal is so much better than paleo because things like moderation, YMMV, and relaxed constraints are encouraged. If you go into a strict paleo forum and ask about beans, you'll be chased out and yet half their posts are about ridiculous things like paleo coconut pancakes and paleo bread. Finely ground coconut powder is not paleo. Eating raw sugar cane or beets? Sure that's paleo. Those are plants. Processing it into fine white sugar is what makes it not paleo. How the hell are coconuts any different? Eating a coconut straight out of the shell? Paleo. Separating the contents of the coconut and grinding them to bits? How the hell do these people not see this? I get that paleo is in many ways a guideline and not a hard and fast dictum. But Jesus - you can't call yourself 100% paleo if you're eating a food that contains ground coconut powder, stevia powder, vanilla extract, baking soda, pumpkin puree and whatever else. These are all foods taken out of their original context just the exact same way sucrose, milk, refined salt, and canola oil are taken out of their natural context. /rant
    1. I'm not, but I play one on TV.

    2. I agree with your whole rant. Paleo elitists are as bad as Vegan purists sometimes. It's sad, because that kind of attitude just pushes people out of the community. That said, I find that the paleo elitists seem to be disappearing. Potatoes especially are finding their way back into our hearts.

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    Mark points out there are more nutrient dense options than beans.. maybe in vitamins but beans are typically high in minerals. Beans are also going to have fiber.. whole food carb sources will generally have fiber which is how your body will handle blood sugar from the carb/sugar (as I understand it). Some people might get irritated by lectins .. but that is kind of a grey area to me. For me I consider beans a good addition to a healthy diet. But I wouldn't consider it health food for someone who is eating crap all the time and thinks all the sudden they are healthy because their taco has beans in it.

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    I don't have a particular issue with peanuts, but with beans, I would say have them rarely, like on your cheat meals. If you just can't live without them, then try preparing them by sprouting, or just use them as a side, not the main dish.

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