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Thread: How to elevate depressed mood w/o caffeine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shema View Post
    -Stress. Yes, you’re right, I’m terribly stressed. In addition to juggling with a colicky baby I’ve returned to an incredibly demanding job that’s eating away at me. Right now I’m putting in about 50-60 hours/week. My boss insists that being overworked in this economy is the new reality at all organizations, and that if I can’t handle it, there are countless other who will pounce to take my place. Yikes. This reality IS depressing. Not sure how to combat stress in this scenario.
    It requires a lot of awareness

    I watched this video the other day and it gave me a lot of insight into how men and women manage stress differently. Men work really well from a "fight" / adrenaline mode of behaviour, but when women try to implement this mode they get extremely burnt out. Women need to operate from a place of ease, relaxation and love.

    Maybe you might get something out of it (forget the sales pitch at the end: it's an old video): What is The Female Success Model?
    "I think the basic anti-aging diet is also the best diet for prevention and treatment of diabetes, scleroderma, and the various "connective tissue diseases." This would emphasize high protein, low unsaturated fats, low iron, and high antioxidant consumption, with a moderate or low starch consumption.

    In practice, this means that a major part of the diet should be milk, cheese, eggs, shellfish, fruits and coconut oil, with vitamin E and salt as the safest supplements."

    - Ray Peat

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    Quit your job if there is any possible way! Lifes to short to do something you hate and keeps you away from your kid for so long.

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    I am so very sorry you are going through this:-( I have 4 beautiful children ranging in age from 3 to 17. After each birth I suffered with PPD for about the first year. It is a horrible, horrible monster to deal with. I shun big pharma so I never took antidepressants. I have tried every diet (vegan, raw, paleo, primal, WP...), supplement, you name it, in hopes of "curing" it. No luck. I think what helped most was having someone to talk to. Have you tried seeing a counselor or talking with someone who has gone through what you are dealing with? Someone who can reassure you that you will come through just fine. That even though it feels like you will be stuck in the depression pit forever, you won't?

    Something I read about recently is SAD light therapy helping to lift mood in PPD women. Maybe you could Google it and see what you think. I use a light for winter blues and it works wonders! So now I am wondering if it will work for PPD if my hubby and I decide to have one more blessing?! All in all, know that PPD will gradually lift. It is painful, but normal for many women. I will be praying for you. Hang in there and enjoy your precious baby~

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    Physically demanding exercise! And your boss is a d-bag. Job stress has to change or change jobs. Are you Salary? if so that's a management lie to get more work for the same money. And the lie is more prevalent with all the financial doom and gloom that's painted.
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    Thanks so much for your helpful responses everyone. I wish I could quit my job but my field is somewhat specialized so its hard to find other jobs and I invested a lot of myself in getting a good education. It feels like I’m throwing a lot away to just quit. I try to remind myself that I should feel lucky to be employed in this economy. (To answer your Q I’m non-salaried and the culture at my work embodies being connected all the time including nights and weekends).

    I’m trying to get back into physically demanding exercise. It used to be a huge stress buster and I loved it. However I was on bed rest for the final month of my pregnancy so I’ve lost muscle mass. I’m trying to get back into it but find that even if I can endure a challenging workout, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck for the entire day afterward and the fatigue becomes much worse.

    @Baconista I really appreciate your support and it’s nice to know someone else who’s been through this. It’s so odd. I only had 1 month of bad baby blues with my first child. It lifted so suddenly it felt like a switch had been flipped. This time around has been so very different. I feel terrible b/c I feel like my baby’s infancy is passing so quickly and I want so badly to enjoy every second of it. But I can’t get my head straight.

    I did see a therapist and it felt like a waste of time. She would just sit there and look at me and not offer anything helpful. At times I’d think “wow, I wish I had her job! Just sit in a chair, listen to someone vent about their lives, and get paid”.

    I will definitely google about the light therapy. (To the other PP - I thought the “cold showers” was a joke but was surprised by the info I found!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozbuckley View Post
    Cold Showers!

    Just google how cold showers have helped so many people with depression/anxiety!
    OMG I was researching this and turns out there's an entire post on Mark's blog!

    Mark's Daily Apple

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