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Thread: Yin/Yang Theory

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Perfidy View Post
    I agree with JoanieL- the patriarchal traditional symbols and shit that mingle feminine, negative, degeneration and wetness into one unpleasant vaguery are pretty gay. My symbolic association mechanisms work the opposite- why would more dicks on screen ever be a good to me? Pass lol
    Well the point is to have a balance of dicks and vaginas, right? You want neither an excess of the former nor a shortage of the latter. I never really interpreted that male and positivity are yang properties and female and negative are yin properties to somehow mean male is good and female is bad. Maybe it's irrelevant but the reverse relation wouldn't be any better. I like the general notion that we should balance these dichotomies.

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    Thank you so much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedonist2 View Post
    If you are interested in an intelligent discussion of Chinese medicine, read Chris Kresser's stuff.

    I am offended by sneering at any religious tradition. I am not comfortable with any of the organized religions but I would not sneer at them. Several people to add to my ignore list.
    What I read had nothing to do with balance, but a lot to do with the perversion of things I've read before. Sneering? Oh my, how sensitive.

    Tarot cards can offer a lot of wisdom, but do I think they see into the future? It's all a matter of interpretation. I don't agree with what I read - it's as simple as that. I'm happy to be ignored for my opinions. In some countries one can be put in prison for their opinions. Being ignored is laughably small in comparison.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Markbt View Post
    To try to bring this nonsense back to reality, I have read that there is an association between trans fat consumption and rage, and everyone knows about the clarity and what some people call euphoria that goes along with ketosis. That Chinese medicine stuff, while there is evidence that some of the herbs and treatments can work, should probably be thought of as a metaphor for actual physical processes, at best.
    Hmm, yeah, actually, it would be interesting to hear from people who've done vegetarianism or veganism. The idea that that diet can make a lot of people skew yin is actually pretty easy to prove. Just look around at those communities.

    I did veganism in my 20s and it most definitely made me Too Yin. The last year or so I've dramatically reduced my meat and egg (yang foods) intake in favor of dairy and cheese and quite a bit of fruit and I definitely feel slightly more spaced out than I did on a diet higher in yang foods.

    The article btw is not about Chinese medicine per se nor is the author an acupuncturist or Chinese medical practitioner. Of course I expect this kind of nonsense from followers of an former athlete.

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    I never really interpreted that male and positivity are yang properties and female and negative are yin properties to somehow mean male is good and female is bad. Maybe it's irrelevant but the reverse relation wouldn't be any better. I like the general notion that we should balance these dichotomies.
    yeah I don't mean that maleness is bad then by contrast and that femaleness has some kind of intrinsically good property. But that is speaking abstractly like, in an ethical sense. In a personal sense, obviously I want as few peckers in my field of vision and as many feminine ass cheeks as circumstance will allow, but I do not believe this to be like the tendency or goal of the universe or anything.

    I was just addressing any "traditional" kind of gender ideas where an imagined male "rationality" is upheld as the ideal state of being, over and against some feminine viewpoint which is usually regarded as stupid, inferior, silly, unevolved, childish and even metaphysically evil or wrong.

    regarding equality of the value of the sexes, yes I agree that upholding women as the universal standard of good only hurts the men, and vice versa. I think that women achieve this peak horniness sexual thing in their early 30s (as opposed to men in their mid-late teens) because that is when they were mature enough to actively conspire against their aging mates, and manipulating the ignorant horny teenaged boys into killing and replacing them. That was probably human culture for a long time, and it would have led to the concentration of culture under a feminine aspect, because the women would live longer and have more stable lives and lines of descent/clan dynamics, while the men would be competing and replacing each other and seeking opponents and such. Eventually some smarter men caught on and taught the others how to most appropriately fear and mistreat the women to undo and suppress that dynamic.
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    Soooo much is lost in translation - if you understood Classical Chinese you would perhaps have a better chance of understanding the literature of 1,000s of years of tradition of meticulous observation, testing, etc, etc.
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