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Thread: Money issue

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    Magnolia-- for pet sitting, did you find your customers yourself, or did you use an agency?
    Both... the agency I works for takes a huge cut, so I mostly just do my own now.
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    Sell your car. Quit your phone and internet plans, quit cable. That's probably a good chunk of change right there.
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    the world

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    Quote Originally Posted by runman1954 View Post
    Strip? I'm not a prude but I have two daughters, I'd hate to think someone was suggesting that they strip for the extra money. Waitressing seems like a reasonable alternative, bartending as well. Retain your dignity, don't lower yourself, somethings are more important then money, dignity and self esteem are two.
    When I first read this I reacted the way you did. Then I remembered a TV show on a Las Vegas cat ranch. I was stunned at the amount of money that lots of college girls made during the summer. and there was certainly no problem with dignity. I think if I was that age again I might at least look into it a bit. How dignified are unpaid debts? It's a thought.
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    What is your major in? The Google Summer of Code lets your participate in open-source coding projects with a $5000 stipend. There's also a program run in parallel just for women to encourage more to apply; these projects aren't necessarily programming-based.

    Re stripping: I personally really enjoyed Magic Mike, so... [something concluded, possibly]

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    My Daughter goes to old folks homes and does the old ladies makeup, 20 bucks a shot and she helps the old trouts look pretty. You schedule a place for a day and then do all comers. She 20 people a day easy.
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    If you like to write, try for freelance work. You can work about 10 hours a week, and make around $100 (if you write quickly and efficiently).

    Other options include, and a ton more (just google it).
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    You guys are amazing. I didn't expect to get more than three responses, let alone three pages. These ideas are great, thank you all so much!!

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