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Thread: How can I learn to love Kale?

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    I just put loads of coconut or olive oil all over it and sautee it or make kale chips - goes down pretty easy that way for me!

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    I really love kale in a primal version of Spanish Tortillas. Just leave out the potato, add more onion, and use less olive oil and don't drain it. I practically lived on tortillas in Spain, they're so freakin' delicious.

    It's a laborious recipe but I enjoy making it for a culinary treat on the weekends. I tried it once with chopped bacon but it made the bacon soggy, and honestly the flavor of the tortilla doesn't need the help. The texture of kale holds up in the tortilla better than spinach, which is too tender and tends to flatten in clumps while cooking. It's yummy hot or cold (how you'd frequently get it in Spain). I'm sure kale be great in a crustless quiche/breakfast casserole/other egg configuration as well. Hope this helps!

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    I agree with the premise of not eating it if you really hate it, that said sometimes it just takes the right recipe (or a number of exposures) for you to love the thing you hated!

    I would suggest:

    1 - Cut away any course or tough stems, steam until tender (if it's undercooked it will be more bitter so experiment with steaming times) while the kale is steaming chuck a lump of GF salted butter into a pan and melt gently, add minced/chopped garlic and cook on a low heat for a couple of minutes. Watch the garlic closely, don't let it brown as it changes the flavour (great for Asian food but it's not what we want here). Once the kale is cooked pour the garlic butter over it and ENJOY!

    2 - Some foods are awful on their own but when they are teamed up with a complimentary flavour they just work. The recipe above should be a side dish to something like meatballs in tomato sauce, it has to be teamed up with a strong flavour as kale can be pretty strong tasting.

    Good luck and let us know if you find something amongst the suggestion that helps!

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    Fast Paleo » Saag (Kale) Paneer - Paleo Recipe Sharing Site - be sure to take the central rib out of the kale leaf - and slice finely - THIS is a delicious recipe - enjoy !

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    FWIW i drink a kale shake almost every morning. Try it for a week and you'll be converted
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    I'm a believer that if there's something you don't like, it's probably just because you haven't learned how to make it taste really good yet. I used to never touch stuff like kale, broccoli, or brussels sprouts, but now I love all of them since I've learned how to make each of them taste good in a lot of different ways.

    Definitely love a few of the things in this thread for adding more kale to your diet:

    1. Green smoothies

    2. Massaged with avocado and lemon juice into a salad, then adding whatever else you like.

    3. Sauteeing it in bacon fat, then adding the crispy bacon to the saute at the end.

    Good luck!

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    Grilled kale is awesome! Little olive oil, garlic powder, salt & pepper.

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    Don't eat it raw. Cook it with a ton of coconut oil and butter, smoked paprika, and a small splash of apple cider vinegar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    My question is not How to learn to love kale but rather Why should I bother?.
    If you bother to learn to love kale, you'll find it to be one of the most versatile of the leafy greens. There's just so many different ways of preparing it that it really becomes a kitchen staple as your not limited to just one style of preparation.

    It's also pretty nutritious, but there are other things that pack as much punch.

    You can have kale baked, steamed, fried, raw in salads, creamed or puréed in a mash, in smoothies. Use it as a side, entree, main or in a super weird dessert (I've seen the recipes but haven't yet tried sweet kale rolls)

    My favorite kale recipe is a main meal that takes about 10-15 minutes to cook. It's my go to 'too lazy to make dinner' recipe and my family loves it.

    Use about a half a bunch for 2.5 people. Cut all the stems out (my worms love kale stems.. I Just chop em up into 1 inch sections for them). Then roughly chop leaves into strips.
    In a fry pan melt a big knob of butter, add 1 whole head of minced or roughly chopped garlic. Leave it on a low heat while you prep your mushrooms. Remove the stems of 1 punnet of button mushrooms (or chop up a few portabella's. yummo!) throw the mushrooms in the pan, turn the heat up & fry until they are looking just cooked. Then dump all your kale in on top, stir it all around until it goes bright green, has wilted to about half it's volume & looks evenly coated in butter.
    Serve on plates, drizzle with pan drippings & eat.

    Perfect Wednesday night dinner.

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    Kale is good for you, it steams the kale, it eats the kale, it learns to like kale.

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