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Thread: Getting bored of veggies!

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    Bored of veggies ? ditch them

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    Eat different ones. Cook them. Season them. I can never get bored if vegetables, unlike proteins, there's so many different types.
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    How much do you like to cook? I like to have an assortment of veggies:
    easy to prep:
    prewashed spinach
    frozen asparagus (microwaves)
    Shredded cabbage

    Takes more time to prep:
    Asparagus (fresh)
    Potatoes/Sweet potatoes (I buy small ones and usually eat them with a green veggie)

    Veggies I always forget about:

    A good cookbook is your friend if you don't know how to use vegetables, Deborah Madison has a good one that lists all veggies and 3-4 preperations of each.
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    Quote Originally Posted by prime11 View Post
    Potatoes should not really be on the list unless you're doing a ton of cardio like running marathons or playing sports for hours on end like pro athletes. And at that it's only sweet potatoes.
    That's why pro-athletes, marathoners and sport enthusiasts alike compete.

    So they can sit back at the end of the day and say "Gee, I really earned my potato".

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    We eat a lot of frozen spinach, because we like it. But I also like to make a large quantity of colorful mixed vegetables: steamed broccoli, red peppers, carrots, daikon, and rutabagas are pretty together. Leftovers can be used for another hot meal, with bacon or cheese, etc., or as a cold salad or snack.

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    I need to bookmark all these replies, reminding of me some great vegetables!

    Unfortunately I think you do need to put some time aside to prepare if you don't want to be eating raw veg the majority of the time.

    I tend to do a fruit/veg shop on Sundays. I get all my salad ingredients to take packed lunches to work (lettuce/baby spinach, cucumber, bell pepper, carrots, tomatoes, sometimes avocado) and then decide on a couple of different veg per week to cook up in the evenings - so I eat raw veg for lunch mostly and then hot food for dinner. The veg for dinner tend to have protein that works best with them, which means I mix up my meat/fish on a weekly basis too.

    Sometimes instead of salad lunches I'll make a big batch of soup on a Sunday afternoon - you can chuck almost any veg in with some organic stock and you're guaranteed a good tasting meal, plus it's so much quicker and easier to cook than people think, leave it all to boil up for a while and then blend.

    I also find what inspires me is looking at a seasonal fruit/veg calendar - it'll be different in the States (you guys get some really interesting veg dammit) but something like really helps.

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    I agree that you can ditch them.

    But if you like them for variety or even because a meal doesn't feel like a meal without a side dish, think on this. I just googled, "how many edible plants are there in the world," and depending on the site, there are 20,000-30,000 of them!

    Next time you shop, try something you've never tried before. I have problems with fresh greens going bad also, so I buy those frozen, but most other veggies are more stable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AngryKiwi47 View Post
    That's why pro-athletes, marathoners and sport enthusiasts alike compete.

    So they can sit back at the end of the day and say "Gee, I really earned my potato".
    Ha good one. Just pointing out there are entire chapters in paleo books devoted to why white potatoes are not good and should not be a staple in the diet.

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    I have been buying a lot more frozen veg for convenience.
    I have been making loads of soups for variety.

    Mushroom soup - fry onions, garlic and loads of mushrooms in butter/olive oil. Simmer with a pint of veg stock and can of coconut milk. Blitz with stick blender.
    Courgette and Leek soup - fry garlic and leek as above. Add courgettes and simmer with veg stock. Blitz with stick blender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dkJames View Post
    Bored of veggies ? ditch them
    I adore Dr. Ede. Her "Diagnosis: Diet" blog has a lot of well researched resources.

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