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Thread: Help don't want to completely lose my butt! :-)

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    Wow everyone thanks so much for the suggestions, this is a great community! I will look into them. I'm pretty sure that like littlevase said, squats would kill my knees too, but I will look into everything you guys suggested. Cool!

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    Can't tell a thing without pics!

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    I also think that the shape and size of your butt is determined by your genetics. Yes you can make it look aesthetically appealing but to only a certain extent. Squats, Deadlift, walking lunges are great for that. I know my ass was a lot more flat when I used to do a lot more steady state cardio but since I have been doing a lot more sprinting along with heavy lifts, my butt is in its best form. I really have no scientific proof whether steady state vs sprint have anything to do with how the glutes develop but I know for myself this was a big factor.

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    I've never had a butt....until I started lifting. Now, slowly but surely I'm developing glute muscles where never there were before and starting to see some shape develop.

    Squats and deadlifts are the thing. When I started my knees were wrecked - I couldn't do a bodyweight squat to parallel without knee pain. My trainer started me with bodyweight step ups, then we increased the height of the step, followed by including some light weight then gradually increasing it. A few months later I could do squats without pain.

    I would really recommend finding a good trainer to help you build up. If you have arthritis then it might be different for you - my knees were wrecked from half marathon training...increasing mileage too quickly and being overweight.

    Oh, and by the way, I'm 46 so building muscle as a woman at that age is far from unachievable. Actually I was complimented on the muscles in my arms last weekend at the climbing chuffed!

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    Another thing to check out--though probably a lot slower to have an effect than lifting--is Esther Gokhale's book on Steps to a Pain-Free Back, in which she shows how correct posture, especially when walking, increases the strength of (therefore reshapes) the glutes. She takes her cues from societies where back pain isn't common, and has a lot of photos; a common theme of those with her model posture is a well-developed butt!

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    I agree with all that has been said, squats and dead lifts are the answer. I have bad knees and found doing body weight squats and lower weight dead lifts, for a while to let my body and knees adjust, really helped. Don't be in a big hurry to add weight to your squats, just up the reps or sets at first. You will know when its time for weights. A trainer will be a great help in guiding your progress if your not experienced in weight lifting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badkty22 View Post
    Another sneaky butt-builder- kettlebell swings. My kb coach swears she had zero booty before she took up swinging kettlebells.
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