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Thread: The Ultimate Seasonal Allergy (Rhinitis) Post

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    It's good to know that I'm not alone in wanting to rid myself of chemical anti-histamines. I haven't given in to allergy shots yet as I do not trust the companies who manufacture them, and it's a HUGE commitment.

    Right now I am taking around 1000mg of Quercetin, around 700mg of Stinging Nettle (the nettle seems to noticeably help more than the quercetin), Neti Pot every other morning/night or so, and one 24 hour Allegra everday. So far our pollen levels are sky-high and my symptoms are tolerable enough for me to run around and play outside without much problem.

    I am hoping that in a few weeks, once the pollen levels die down a bit and I've built up the quercetin and nettle in my system, I can stop taking the Allegra altogether.

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    I live in Ohio and am a year long allergy sufferer. If you take OTC allergy medicine, do not take Claritin, if just doesn't work. Also, you need to switch up between Zyrtec and Allegra every few months. The human body is very intelligent and will build an immunity on those if you don't change them up. I also have to take Flonase for mine. Local raw honey and Quercetin do not work for me at all period no matter how clean I am on diet.

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