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Thread: Got a bone to pick......

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    For me paleo baked goods can make me overeat just as much as standard ones. Slather some butter on fresh baked coconut almond flour bread and I can eat the entire loaf. That and the fact that I'm not convinced of the safety of baking with nut flours or flax makes me avoid them.

    Every once in a while as a treat or for company there's nothing wrong with a healthier alternative to a SAD treat though. Esp if you can handle it without it whacking you out. For me I prefer foods that satisfy me and fill me up without leaving me wanting more when I've clearly had enough. I've worked too hard to conquer my carb and sugar monsters to let them run amok now. For that reason, and with very few exceptions, I stay away from baked goods, paleo or not.

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    I think that the Whole 9/Whole 30 people have a point in saying that the paleofications are not a good idea when you are trying to break old habits.

    That said, as someone who has been paleo for years now, I feel perfectly fine in making an occasional loaf of Free The Animal Fat Bread just cuz I feel like it. It's not hurting me a bit.

    I also see that paleofications can serve a purpose when one is jugging cooking for a household where not everyone has bought into the whole paleo idea. I used to make coconut flour muffins and occasional cookies for my Dad. It made the whole way of living less constrictive for him. I don't think that hurt anyone.

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    From the many and varied replies, I see that it is a many and varied subject No harsh judgment intended, just really an observation when I went to Pinterest and saw the amount of baking recipes there.

    I am an emotional eater. It is something that I have struggled with since an emotional breakdown at 12. I don't want to do that anymore. I just want to eat real, nutritious, whole foods, that feed my body not my addictions to food. This is a psychological/emotional subject, I get that. I can just see how it must get unhealthy for some peeps.

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    I have no idea, honestly.

    I suppose it's easy for me -- i hate and completely suck at baking. So, guess what? I dont' bake. Which means, guess what? I don't eat those things.

    As a veg*n, it wasn't at issue for me to be without meat/etc. I mostly just made good vegan food -- which was mostly soup, quick breads (like japapeno corn bread, yo!), and salads of various sorts. I had a few special things for holidays like my wild mushroom strudel. That stuff was tasty!

    Never really went in even for the tofu scramble, and never did the "meats" because i didn't like how salty they always were and they didn't taste so great anyway.

    I suppose I just tend to the purity of the idea or something.

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    At least no one makes this:
    Butterfinger Dessert -Weight Watchers =easy and low in sugar

    1 (10") prepared angel food cake, cut into 1' cubes
    1 ( 1 oz.) package of sugar free, fat free butterscotch pudding mix
    1 1/2 cups skim milk
    2 ( 8 oz. ) containers of cool whip FREE, thawed
    10 fun-sized butterfingers candy bars, crushed ( I used mini food processor)

    1. Spray 9 x 13" pan with cooking spray. Arrange half the angel food cake cubes in bottom of pan.

    2. In large bowl, combine the pudding mix with skim milk. Whisk until starting to thicken. Fold in both containers of cool whip FREE.

    3. Pour half the "fluff" mixture over the cubed angel food cake in pan. Top with half the crushed butterfinger candies. Repeat with rest of cake, fluff and candy. Cover and refrigerate for at least an hour before serving, or overnight. Enjoy!
    Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!

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    Had a brief spell playing with nut and coconut flours, too much trouble and the addiction faded, just down to real food now, food is food, never was meant to be an orgasm, eat your food (lots of fat), then if you have one tap your better half ton the shoulder go out and get that orgasm, if you don't have a better half, then DIY, either way get into it.

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    I don't think it's a bad thing to eat those things as treats. I think it allows paleo to work in the modern world. As long as you aren't eating them all the time, I think it's fine. And those raw vegan treats are super yummy... When I was a vegan I worked for a raw vegan cafe and it was delightful! But TBH, I don't bake paleo, and the closest I get is making paleo "pancakes"- eggs and banana mixed together with some chai seeds- my version.
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    I make the "faileo" treats for my daughter mostly, she's not a big fan of bacon/sausage and eggs for breakfast (i.e. she'll eat them if she's home and I make her, but I have to send her breakfast to school with her) and sometimes an almond/coconut flour muffin or pancake made with lots of eggs is the only way to get protein into her. Her birthday cupcakes were made with almond flour and folks loved them. While she eats these things fairly regularly, I might have one out of the whole batch, if that. On the flipside, last night I made country fried steak with almond and coconut flour, just because I couldn't think of anything else to do with cube steak and Google was failing me. To be honest the breading wasn't necessary and I won't be trying that again--it wasn't bad, but it wasn't worth the extra work either.

    I'm starting to find that desserts that didn't contain grains in the first place are way better than the cheater recipes. For instance, French macarons are decadent and traditionally made with almond flour.

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    I think there's a big difference between eating an occasional almond flour muffin and regularly chowing down on loaves of rice, bean flour, and tapioca bread with lots of weird ingredients. People do that all the time on gluten-free forums, but you don't see it much here. Perhaps if you were to hang out on a gluten-free forum you would get some perspective on people who cling to their substitutes because they really have no other way of simulating normalcy in their lives.

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    One objection I have is that if you enforce the need to fake these things, your mind is probably not in the right place. You're not supposed to feel like you're missing out / are the weirdo.


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