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Thread: Is this meal replacement shake good?

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    Okay guys, thanks!! I do not handle carbs well. I get hungry after an hour and a half after eating. I have times where I get super lightheaded and get tired quick. Never fainted, but yeah. What should I do then?

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    You should develop an interest in your blood glucose levels :-)

    As a very crude explanation, when you eat carbs your blood sugar spikes up and to handle that your pancreas secretes insulin which hammers the blood sugar levels down. If that process is not balanced well, insulin will push blood sugar levels too low and you'll feel hungry and light-headed. So you eat more carbs to fix that and the roller-coaster ride begins again. These swings in glucose and insulin will eventually lead to diabetes.

    Some suggestions in no particular order:
    • Do a blood test for fasting glucose and insulin
    • Do a blood test for HgA1C
    • Try intermittent fasting
    • Try going into ketosis (aka a very-low-carb diet), see if it agrees with you
    • Try just a low-carb (not very-low-carb) diet, see if it's better for you

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