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Thread: Best body weight workout at home book

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    we have a box with steps on which sits under the pull up bars at my gym. i can reach them if i stand on the box. i am 5ft 51/4". you could even do an Al and see if you can find some bars in a playground. finally LOL a benefit of having small shreiking kids is you have cover for doing that sort of stuff. my old gym had an assisted pull up machine but it just had numbers on it. 1,2,3,4 etc with 1 being the hardest. everyone says that the assisted pull up machines dont help. i never got beyond 3 so i cant say. remember to do the isometric hold at the top and try really hard to do a controlled slow negative the whole way down. IMO it is the bit at the very start which is the hardest on the way up so you want to go thru that on the way down as controlled and slow as you can. also try first with the reverse grip as it is easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dilberryhoundog View Post
    I've tried most of them, I've settled on YAYOG (you are your own gym). I tried PBF, simplefit, convict conditioning and the naked warrior. I found YAYOG the best because: THE IPHONE APP, 2hrs a week (simplefit and CC just wasn't enough time, less than an hour a week). YAYOG gets a whole lot more muscle groups working in different ways (the others didn't work the legs like yayog does (back lunges, side lunges)). YAYOG is no frills (TNW breathing etc).

    hope that helps.
    I just borrowed YAYOG from the library to look through and then realized he has a new book out, geared towards women, called Body By You so I'm heading out tomorrow to buy it and plan on starting on Monday

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    i have just got BBY and i reckon it is really good. i have just worked out which progressions i am on for all the exercises and am gonna start for real tomorrow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleSparrow View Post
    Since I don't have an access to the gym I do Max Capacity Training. Max Capacity Training - 12 Week Bodyweight Workout Plan look it up!It's a great workout.
    I started this a few weeks ago and really like it. It gives you a nice mix of exercises and keeps me interested. However, it is missing pullups/chinups, so I do those on the rest days in between.

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    Hi All,

    After having tried both You Are Your Own Gym and Convict Conditioning, I would say that they are both great at-home, body-weight programs. It really comes down to what you're looking for in an exercise program.

    YAYOG provides more of a well-rounded fitness program. I believe the book states that it trains endurance, strength, power, and speed, and it accomplishes that by using a combination of both linear and undulating periodization. Each program lasts ten weeks and is broken down into two weeks of endurance (high rep, easier exercises), two weeks of strength (6-12 rep range, harder exercises), two weeks of power (supersets, lower rep range, explosive/harder exercises), and then four weeks of a combo of all of those in addition to tabata workouts and circuit training. YAYOG also has a TON of variety. Your muscles will definitely be hit from every angle possible. Master level exercises include free standing handstand pushups, one-legged squats, one-arm pushups, hanging leg raises to the bar, and others. If you've never done tabata sprints before, you're in for one hell of a ride.

    On the other hand, Convict Conditioning is all about strength. Currently, there are two CC books out. The first one focuses on the six basic body-weight exercises: squats, pullups, pushups, hanging leg raises, back bridges, and handstand pushups. The second book focuses on exercises for secondary muscle groups: neck, forearm/hands/grip, and calves.

    Basically, each exercise is broken out into a ten-step progression series, each step being a slightly harder variation of the exercise before it. Each step also has a number of reps you have to meet before advancing to the next step. It's pretty simple in that you start with the first exercise in each progression and keep working on it until you're ready to move to the next step, and so on and so forth. Ultimately, your long-term goals are to get to the point of doing pistol squats, one-arm pushups (legs together), full hanging leg raises, one-arm pullups, and one-arm handstand pushups.

    I lean towards using YAYOG because I like to have a well-rounded fitness program. Generally speaking, I think it contains all the primal principals: slow movement (endurance block), heavy lifting (power and strength blocks), and sprinting (tabata and circuit workouts). All you really need to do is supplement it with walking and maybe a primal sprint session if you have the energy. Also, the book is really to the point. You'll be able to get through it in a day and dive in immediately. Convict Conditioning has a ton of story-telling that really isn't needed. I also am not a fan of having to continuously buy books to obtain a complete training system. I read somewhere that a third CC is in development that will focus on explosive training.

    The other thing is that CC mentions the importance of training explosively, but it isn't included in the program. It's briefly mentioned that it should be done from time to time, but there's not really a lot of instruction on how to integrate it into the core program. That's another reason why I prefer YAYOG.

    If you do go with CC, make sure you incorporate lots of slow movement and the occasional sprint, as the program is purely focused on strength.

    Hope this helps!

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