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Thread: Too much protein lately? Or, lacking something else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magicmerl View Post
    She already eat yams for breakfast. While carbs are good, there's nothing magical about it instead of fat as an energy source.

    Totally agree on the muscle/minerals thing. tzulogic, have you heard of Himilayan Pink Salt?

    Agree on the flax milk too. Eat whole fish like sardines, salmon and tuna for 03.

    Yeah, 1-2g is a better target than 18g. Too much O3 is as bad as too much O6 (it's just that most foods have far more O6 than O3).

    Don't cut out the meat. In fact, you should look beyond muscle meats into organ meats, which are far and away the most nutritious foods out there. Plus, they are cheap too!
    Thanks for the salt recommendation, it looks intriguing. I'm reading about it. I've got beef liver in my fridge. One thing I've noticed is a ton of Selenium in my diet. It was recommended that I get 70 percent of my weight in protein. But meat if full of selenium and all the other I added whey. But I might look into alternatives like concentrated egg protein. But I'm kind of worried about gout too.

    Fortunately the muscle twitchy thing was only today, and It's gone now.

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    Stop jumping around, chopping and changing.
    Choose a dietary mix and stay there.
    Get Carbs at around 150g, don't stress over the exact amount, anywhere between 100 to 200 g, you shouldn't need to calculate this after a while, it will be obvious in the meals, if you have a higher carb day, then ease of on the fats and vice versa.

    Get plenty of and good variety in fruit, veg, and smaller amounts of but good variety of nuts.
    Keep all bones from roast meals etc. and make up some bone stocks.
    Keep protien amounts fairly constant, but vary the sources.
    Agree with others, ditch the Flax seed, too many questionable issues.

    When your body is in a fragile state, then even positive changes can result in negative impacts if too rapid.
    Settle down, curb your enthusiasm, by all means take on board positive results and feelings, but temper these down, you may get days where you feel full of energy and could concour the world, be aware though if you try there is a likelihood you will feel bad for a good time afterward.

    If you are feeling particularly good, yes get out and enjoy it, but pace yourself and keep the brakes on lightly, better you let your body use that energy for healing than burning it all up in a big workout.

    Healing your body will take quite a long time and you won't be running any marathons in the near future, so relax, bed in your process and be gentle with your body.

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    You could be low on electrolytes. Have you tried making your own beef or chicken stock? Simmered with onions, celery, carrots and a healthy dose of sea is delicious and nutritious. I would also suggest adding in some magnesium - topical magnesium works great for me. Some people like the Natural Calm brand.

    Some people don't do well with lots of eggs, so you could try eliminating those for a few days.
    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )

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    Is this viewable? What I ate today. Might eat a bit more salad.
    3 large Egg, whole, cooked, fried 18.8
    0.2 lbs Chicken breast tenders, cooked, microwaved 14.8
    2 A scoop Huckleberries Whey 32
    1 serving Some Salad 8.3
    0.4 lbs Beef, ground, 80% lean meat / 20% fat, patty, cooked, broiled 46.7
    2 medium Carrots, raw 1.1
    0.5 cup, packed Raisins, seeded 2.1
    0.5 cup Seeds, sunflower seed kernels, dried 14.5
    Also coconut milk,almond milk, and flax milk.
    My ratios are :Source Calories Quantity
    Protein 26% 138g
    Fat 44% 103g
    Carbs 29% 153g
    For today. A big spike in carbs.
    I found maltodextrin on my schiff probiotic...hmm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zach View Post
    Flax is very prone to oxidization and rancidity, also i dont know what brand you are using but the one i looked at was loaded with synthetic chemicals and gums/fillers. The omega 3s in flax are not even the right form and have to getting changed in the body by a very inefficient process. Get your omega 3s from some cod liver oil or better yet, just eat grass fed meat, pastured eggs and wild fish.
    I never thought I'd agree with this guy on much of anything but thumbs up on all of this at least.

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