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Thread: Great CW moment

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    As the former person who used to eat gross Lean Cuisines thinking I was being good, consider just offering to share a book if interested. Actually I think a good one to get people started and over their fear of fat is "Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat"... the leap from CW to primal is hard (mentally)... I think Gary Taubes is a good stepping stone to move away from the conventional wisdoem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mandypandy2246 View Post
    I love this! Here is a question. What do you do if you are obese (after a lifetime of trying all the CW diets - and not realizing I was eating crap when I ate things like Lean Cuisine and "health" breakfast cereal), and finally found PB, lost 25 lbs on it so far but still have a long way to go? I can't be like "look at my awesome abs". I am still obese but feel like for once I will fix this. I jsut feel frustrated when I get judgemental stares and comments when I eat things like chicken thighs with the skin on and brussel sprouts cooked in coconut oil. Everyone loves to give me unsolicited advice like how to cook vegetables without coconut oil or how many calories I'll save if I didn't eat the chicken skin ... It is FRUSTRATING. I can't wait to lose the weight for vindication (too bad right now I am in sort of a stall pattern - but I will lose it!).
    I actually keep a "Before" picture in my phone. It's a little embarrassing to show people, but since I've moved around so much since then, the new coworkers and people I meet often don't believe that I wasn't always this fit. I was never obese, but definitely overweight, and now I'm known as the crazy guy that plays on parallettes during breaks.

    The Before picture on my phone should be included in the definition of "skinny-fat". I ended up losing 40 pounds and found that I had no muscle underneath and I was too skinny. Since then I've gained back about 15-20 in muscle.

    It's definitely harder to sell to other people without the finished (or mostly finished) product, but dropping 25 pounds is nothing to sneeze at, especially if you have some pictures of your progress.

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