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Thread: Starving!!

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    When getting leaner, below 12-14 % of body fat or so, and in a calorie deficit, the body cannot get ready fat fast enough from it's stored fat depots. This is especially the case if doing lot of cardio and low on glycogen, so yes you may be starving and the body sends you intense hunger pangs to signal that it need more food to maintain its activities! Make sure that your calorie deficit is not to big when leaning out, and if doing lots of training you better up your carbs for glycogen replenishment...
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    Thanks for all of the input. I am definitely hungry, not thirsty, and clearly feel that my body is not getting what it needs. I also experience blood sugar issues, with starches, and/or too many carbs, so I may try to add more fat first... Someone very familiar with this way of living, once told me to make sure that my cardio is very slow, because if I am going too fast, I would deplete my glycogen storage, and would have to eat more carbs to replenish. He said that the wrong workout, could through off the whole diet... That may be my issue, though I feel that my workouts are good, and I am having great results.. As one of you suggested, I may have to implement small amounts of yam, sweet potato, and/or potato...The fact that I am starving after a meal, strongly suggests that I need something more from my meals.... Will try more fat first..... If that does not work, I will add some starch, in place of the fruit... Your thoughts??

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    also try adding some organ meats once or twice a week to get a big dose of nutrients, too.

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    If your just doing cardio for the last 10 pounds, try take 2-3 days off and maybe just go for a walk on one or two of the days and see if your hunger improves. If it does its the increased energy requirements from the cardio that's causing the hunger
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    I find the extra fat curbs the craving - a few macadamia nuts or avocado with a touch of salt... Definitely don't go hungry - too much temptation to slip.

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