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Thread: why the carbohydrate curve does matter, for some people

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    Hi Tribal Rob

    I just had to say that I love your avatar - Captain Caveman......classic!!

    Peace x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribal Rob View Post
    The carb curve works for the majority of people perfectly well. On a forum the weirdos and outliers shout the loundest and skew the general perception of the system (that's why I'm here ). For most people un-weighed primal/paleo will help them lose fat, some people need to check carb levels and the carb curve is a good guide for this. If this isn't working then it's time to experiment with yourself; and that's a whole other story
    Agree. It isn't science but doesn't pretend to be. Guidelines are just that
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    The curve is a good jumping off point or guideline..
    Yeah, I agree. I guess maybe we give the wrong impression, but I never considered the carb curve science.
    I don't consider The PB in general science. Science is found in peer reviewed literature. The PB is a self-help book, some of which is based on science that's been distilled into guidelines for lay audiences, and some of which is personal philosophy.
    Remember another part of The PB is don't to stupid things. That's not science. Some of it is based on science, such as that wearing your seatbelt increases your chances of surviving a car accident, but just saying 'think safety' isn't science.

    I even rolled my eyes when he said 'effortless' weightloss, because I imagined that was very much from a man's POV.
    However, lowering carbs by that general guideline has helped. Just because I agree with something doesn't mean I take it at face value. I don't believe that if someone is eating 101 grams of carb a day they won't lose any weight. I don't brush my teeth with butter while thinking that one strawberry will kill me. I'm just trying to get better and low-carb is helping me do so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ktgrok View Post
    And I'm losing weight, but really I think I'm happier about the decreased appetite than about the weight loss. I'm finally in control of my appetite.
    This. I'm happy you found what works for's a wonderful thing.

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    I think the carb curve is really well designed to fall within the realistic caloric intake when you restrict carbs.

    If you have a lot to lose, maybe you avoid fruit and starches- pretty damn hard to eat over 50 grams of carbs without fruit, starches, grains, sugars. Pretty hard to overeat calories too unless you have a love of fat without sugar.

    If you just eat a normal amount of fruit and starches (excluding potatoes and rice) it's really hard to eat over 100 grams of carbs a day.

    Unless you really LOVE a sweet potato and fruit, it's going to be really hard to eat over 150 grams of carbs while restricting grains and sugars.

    The carb curve is almost a moot point if you exclude the foods PB excludes because it excludes the higher carb foods that are easy to eat.
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    I am one of those who need to restrict carbs pretty strictly to lose fat or even to be my normal happy self. Under 50g for me is fatloss, under 100 - maintenance, with one "cheat" a week because I do Crossfit and weightlifting up tp 5x a week. More carbs than that and I will have cravings, moodswings and all sorts of trouble.

    The problem is throwing everyone in the same bag - we all need to experiment to learn what's best for us, not look for some abstract common denominator. I believe it all comes down to hormonal profile and activity levels. I have very unfortunate hormonal profile (insulin resistance etc), so even with intensive exercise 5x a week I cannot over 15% of my calories as carbs, they just go straight to my love handles. An active under 10% bodyfat guy with a good muscle mass and no fat problems in his past might need altogether different approach with 40% of his calories coming from carbs.

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    I needed to restrict the carbs (sugar and grains) to get the ball rolling. Before that, no amount of willpower and eating natural foods could curb my hunger and no amount of willpower could keep me from giving in to overeating. Nowadays I eat as much carbs as I want, as long as they aren't sugar and grains (a little sushi now and then, but not daily.) No insidious weight gain but I admit I have no idea if I'm over or under the carb curve.
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    Nowadays I eat as much carbs as I want, as long as they aren't sugar and grains
    I'm going to bet that minimally, you are under 150 grams a day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by inesenite View Post
    The problem is throwing everyone in the same bag - we all need to experiment to learn what's best for us, not look for some abstract common denominator.

    I'm a huge lurker on these boards and in the past little while there has been an increase in the carb-related (good or bad) posts on here. I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

    Personally, I went from VLC/keto for over 6 months to moderate carb intake from starches in the style of the Jaminets' Perfect Health Diet. For some people in certain situations, I certainly think that VLC/keto will benefit them, especially in the case of any sort of neurological disorder or even for those with insulin resistance, or even if you want to lose weight quickly. As I understand it, the body physiologically has no requirement for dietary carbohydrate, only protein and fat, so my assumption is that those who are pro-keto and VLC are of the mindset that "if the body doesn't need it, then I don't need to eat it." I'm totally guilty of that. I was pretty much living off meat only. I was under 30g carbs per day (most days around 10g) for over 6 months. While it was great for weight loss I think it made a couple things worse (thyroid and digestive issues) but that's just MY experience. I also think that while rice and potatoes are absolutely NOT in the same league as wheat/sugar products in terms of carbs (I eat rice daily), maybe people take issue with the fact that the calories you consume from rice and potatoes displace more nutritionally dense foods. I will say that upping my starch intake has been very beneficial for me with no huge gain in weight (give or take a couple pounds). Everyone just needs to experiment and see what works for them!

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    I think people for whom the carb curve is the answer are the lucky ones. For me, restricting carbs over time doesn't result in a long-term weight loss or maintenance, causes binges on allowed items without experiencing satiation, mood swings and depression like I have never had before, bone-deep fatigue and insomnia. I am not sure why.

    On the taste bud level, I only miss fruit to the point of black depression, but if I do not eat starch for too long, I get famished. In the fat-protein world, my natural liking was for salmon, lamb, beef and cheese, but I really like vegetables, and crunchy flavorful root vegetables, and the VLC makes me miss even the veggies I don't like so much like celery, let alone apples.

    I just don't understand why something that is supposed to be good for my body makes me feel so bad both emotionally and physcially.
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