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Thread: It sucks being healthy!!!

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    I agree with you there. Most people who just LOVE to argue about politics are fake-intellectual charlatans that know only their own taste of kool-aid....I only talk politics with people who do it with seriousness, not sport.

    I actually relate to the OP on this a little...will write a larger reply later. Gotta get back to work
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    But they are incredibly well-versed on so many practical things that most people are clueless on. Taking care of animals, fixing just about anything, gardening, hunting, building homes, cutting wood, trapping, weather, etc...just about anything practical they are a genius.
    So practical applications of science.

    It's funny- I actually love making art. I was a potter for a long time, draw and sketch, enjoy painting, but I don't enjoy discussions on it or looking at it (galleries etc.). It bores me.
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    I have this best-seller self-help book about love languages and although those kinds of books are usually total crap, I really think this one has a lot of merit. I read the book recently but I took from it the opposite of what the author said to do, which is that to make your partner feel loved you have to speak his/her love language. The opposite that I took away is that to feel loved, I should recognize the love language my partner is trying to speak to me. And since noticing this, I've been more conscious of it and can see that the man does tons of stuff for me all the time trying to demonstrate his love for me. This makes me feel loved.

    I think that all the stuff about whether your body is a perfect 10 or whether you are smart enough is just requirements for initial attraction. Once the initial attraction wears off, what we really want is to feel loved. You will feel loved when the other person fills your life with loving actions, loving words, time spent together, touch and gifts in whatever proportion is meaningful to you. The time spent together might contain a requirement for 100% intellectual conversation but in the end I think even the smartest person would get bored if that's the ONLY criteria for a loving relationship. Eventually they might find themselves empty of love in their life and unhappy with their partner.

    So yeah, tl;dr; loosen up.
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    I don't get this "I'm too smart to find a mate" stuff. Almost all my professors in grad school were married, most of my fellow grad students were attached, my brainiac colleagues are mostly married, DH's too and they are synthetic organic chemists, every bit as dorky as physicists. I don't know the data, but I'd guess the divorce rate is lower than average among brainiacs. IME, they seem pretty happy. If you're smart and having romantic troubles, it's not your IQ.
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    We're watching the maturation of the american male in real time

    no one said it would be pretty
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodorchid View Post
    We're watching the maturation of the american male in real time

    no one said it would be pretty

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    I'm pretty smart. THAT'S why I'm still single. Girls are nut jobs.

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    It doesn't even make sense. If girls preferred dumber guys through sexual selection we are so f*ed in evolution.

    Bloodorchid you are indeed awesome again.
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    People seem to be getting dumber though

    Also, I'm not even going to inseminate anyone. Fuck this planet.
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    Intellect is highly over rated. There is so much more to life than just thoughts. I'll take a warm, passionate, compassionate man with a reasonable IQ any day over most of the geniuses I work with everyday.
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