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Thread: Stubborn belly "pooch" right under belly button in women?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivanthe View Post
    You are.

    115 is at the low end of the scale for your height. You're probably low in muscle mass which would otherwise give that (and all areas) some structure and shape. I'd suggest a heavy lifting program focusing on the compound lifts. Check out the fitness section here, or even the female section on

    Also yeah, situps won't do much besides hurt your back... I second the link posted above, lots of good advice in there.
    It depends on her frame and size, I'm 5'4 and 100 and I look fine. But if she feels she looks too thin, then she probably has a more normal frame.

    What helped me with the pooch was a lot of cardio and IF. I didn't lose weight but the area gradually reduced.
    F 28/5'4/100 lbs

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    Kelly, so long as you have reasonably good health, consider yourself... beautiful. We all carry a little excess here and there (I have flipping love handles which drive me crazy because I can't shift them!), but please don't obsess too much about it.

    If you feel good, that's what's most important. Please know that, whatever your shape, you are wonderful and completely... unique. Fantastic and beautiful. Don't be sidelined by these super thin models in the magazines, being healthy means more than looking healthy.

    Just my opinion, but really - so long as you're happy and feel healthy, sod everyone else!

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    Lower your stress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiana View Post
    What helped me with the pooch was a lot of cardio and IF. I didn't lose weight but the area gradually reduced.
    The IF is good because it forces the body to burn fat from stores on a daily basis, but then a good feeding allows body to restack it in the right places.

    The other point to remember is it takes us about 4 years to readjust the lipid profile in our cell membranes and fat stores after dietary adjustment. So if like most people you were raised by health conscious parents you most liokely had an overload of Omega 6 oils and it will take a while to get the balance back of saturated and monounsaturated.

    Don't get too extreme, focus primarily on good health and push the vanity aside for a while.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SugarSugar View Post
    Thanks for that link! Very informative. I've just started (day 3) PB and started exercising 3 weeks ago. I was pushing myself to do situps and it killed my back. I worked in nursing and hurt my back and since then my back cannot handle that stress. Glad to have seen this so I can move on to things that will help now.

    Krsn89: good luck! I have 4 kids and have an awful pooch so I feel your pain.
    Try pilates instead of sit ups or something similar. It srelaly works your trunk beautifully. I've been doing pilates with an awesome teacher -- even just mat pilates -- and it's awesome.

    I've been doing postural work (realigning my posture), and it makes a huge difference on that area (and on back pain). Pilates and yoga really facilitate this, but for you, I would start with pilates.

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    Personally, I think on a woman that little belly looks cuter than rock hard abs - women are meant to be a bit soft!

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    I've posted about this before! I'm 5'4", and have always had a pooch even at my thinnest at 100 lbs. I'm about 110 lbs right now and had a baby 1.5 years ago, so have loose skin in that area. But in general my body likes to store all excess fat there because I don't put on fat anywhere else (except face). On days I IF or eat consume no dairy or fiber, belly is flatter. On days I IF or eat veggies and carbs, I look a few months pregnant. So I concluded water retention plays a big part.

    Doing core exercises to strengthen lower back and abs improved my posture and gave me more control over my abs, so I can pull my belly in. The layer of flab is still there, but doesn't protrude as much.

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    I definitely agree with the other poster who said to start a heavy lifting routine. Gain some muscle mass and some core support and I think that pooch will melt away. I have seen countless women lose their bellies through proper, compound lifting. They end up weighing a bit more but they look amazing for it. Seriously consider it. (and we are talking heavy weight, not 5lb dumb bells).
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    I am in the same boat. Although older than you. I am skinny on the top, ribs are showing, I can feel my tailbone under the skin, two sizes smaller on the boobs, legs look great, very toned and muscular. I am finally building some arm/back muscle and starting to look more toned. I lift 2x a week heavy ish for me, and one day at half the weight. One HIIT cardio session per week.
    I am 5'8 133 pounds. And I still have a 33 inch waste. Hips are 36 in.
    Some days I can see abs peeking around the edges, some days not. I am keeping after it, IF 16/8 window on some days. Trying to keep carbs under 80 a day. Calories at my TDEE. Yes, I track for now. Once I am happy with where I am at I will drop that. Mostly I do it for carb count.
    I used to have a very flat belly, even after childbirth of an 11 pound baby! After menopause and a 50 pound weight gain over a few years, it all stuck to my gut. I did go through a lot of stress and was working nights, poor sleep schedule for acouple of years. Most of that has resolved, I am sure that had something to do with it.
    I am hoping that the last on last off rule is what is going on. I have been lifting since August.
    If nothing else I will be much healthier for my age and live with it I guess.

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    Don't sweat it. Women get completely sick messages from our culture about the "need" to be stick thin and without any fat. That's insane, in evolutionary term. Adult women have fat deposits; you might not have had that particular fat deposit before you gained that weight, but you were younger then as well. You're very thin for your height, and as you have mentioned, losing any more weight isn't going to help your health.

    If you don't like the way that pooch looks, work on your posture. Stand up straight and it will become almost invisible, I bet. Wear spanx. Lift heavy weights. And embrace the fact that you're an adult woman.

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