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Thread: fury like me without diary!

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    What Grok ate is a starting point not a rigid rule.

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    Like everyone has said, don't worry about it! I bet your parents or ancestors were drinking milk and dairy for a long time so your genes would be adapted to it, I know mine have. Maybe your great grandmother was a Swedish goat herder

    I would however limit your intake to around 1 glass of milk a day, it's your body so listen to it. I've got no issue with dairy only the over consumption and processes of pasteurization. I've heard and I'm not sure if its a myth but milk actually leeches calcium from your bones instead of giving you calcium, in other words don't supplement milk for osteoporosis.
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    Phew, relief, sensible attitudes.

    I don't know about everyone else, but I become a bit weary of the "is this paleo", "is that primal", "would Grok have eaten this", "am I allowed to eat this" questions. The vast majority of us are not interested in recreating Grok's lifestyle to the letter - we would have a hard job in any case - we eat/live primally because it makes us look and feel better. I like Mark's attitude in combining a primal lifestyle with modern day ways as long as they don't compromise our health.

    So, no, I don't believe it does matter. If you're ok with dairy and it's ok with you then why shouldn't you go for it. Sadly it doesn't like me much, so I try to stay away. But my view is, if it doesn't compromise your health then eat what you want to eat.

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