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Thread: Issues with sugar addiction...

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    Sugar is one thing I cannot have one dose of otherwise I'll binge. So I don't have the first bite. It's that simple. I cannot control it. I too have 100% Dagoba chocolate but even then just 1 maybe 2 squares a day otherwise it could become a gateway for me. I take my paleo seriously. But sometimes I screw up and eat a whole bag of La Brea bakery sugar-encrusted grains OMG the double-lust. But you know once I've done it I move on. Today's another day and I don't have to take that first bite today. It IS my my choice to a large extent. But I do not beat myself up or even worry about the pound or two I may have gained that I know I will lose again in a day or two back on paleo. You're human it's ok do your best and be happy. Just keep the end goal in mind and don't worry about the little detours that are kind of fun in their own way.

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    I found that having one eighth of a teaspoonful of l-glutamine under the tongue - two to four hourly from mid day onwards got rid of about 80% of my sugar cravings. I also used a supplement - 5-HTP, a precursor to serotonin - I got from the US to deal with about another 15%. Neither of these actually gives the buzz of sugar, but if I have the l-glutamine then the desire just fades over the following ten minutes. So I needed to have it before the cravings came on full throttle.

    Fruit was my biggest damage producer after I dealt with the worst of the cravings. Having sweet fruit, 1-2 pieces, were enough to set it off again if I didn't watch myself.

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