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Thread: Where I Break Ranks

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    I've pretty much competly axed the salads myself - and do exactly what you do with the greens.

    Spinach, bok choy, chard, mixed greens, kale, whatever - I use literally pounds of the stuff fried in the grease from my steak, bacon, etc... Delicious!!!
    "It's a great life, if you don't weaken.". John Buchan

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    I'm a part time lunch lady, so standing is required. However, when working a real job, I didn't have time to stand. Just have to do what makes you comfortable and happy. Honestly, I think so many of us are hyperactive, so standing and moving is easier than sitting.
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    Cooking destroys enzymes. For good health you should have a mix of raw, fermented and cooked food
    Four years Primal with influences from Jaminet & Shanahan and a focus on being anti-inflammatory. Using Primal to treat CVD and prevent stents from blocking free of drugs.

    Eat creatures nose-to-tail (animal, fowl, fish, crustacea, molluscs), a large variety of vegetables (raw, cooked and fermented, including safe starches), dairy (cheese & yoghurt), occasional fruit, cocoa, turmeric & red wine

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    Desk jockey here. I moved to stand up desk and by noon my back ached so I moved to a chair. After a few months, that evaporated, presumably I built strength in my postural muscles, which is a good thing. These days I am up and down, standing , sitting, walking around. Anything that keeps you from just sitting for a long time is good.

    Regarding abs, good old grok would have had them and they would have been damn strong. Whether they would be visible or not depends entirely on his body fat. His goal may well have been to pack on enough body fat to hide his abs. Who knows? I highly doubt he wen to the gym and did mindless crunches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rojo View Post

    Feel free to heap scorn.
    No scorn here. I agree with you on the standing, the salads and the abs.

    I ate a vegan kale salad today. I just don't get it. That is some hard-to-eat roughage. Later I had some French food for dinner. A couple of spinach leaves under my mashed potatoes and filet mignon. That's more like it. And heck, why stand when you can sit. Why sit when you can lie down. That's my way of life. Why abs when you are female?
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    I agree completely Rojo. 100%
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    Hey Rojo. I don't understand the title reference to "breaking ranks" as if you were in the army and Mark were the drill sergeant.

    The standing thing is a way to get total desk jockeys to at least do something during work hours. Mark never said this was better than or a substitute for all the things in the PBF like walking, sprinting, and lifting heavy things.

    I am totally with you on ditching the bunny food. I think the BAS and piles of veggies are our collective last concession to the CW mindset. "See, this is a HEALTHY diet. We eat lots of vegetables. We aren't weird at all." I've embraced the weird and now my veggies are for flavoring/decoration purposes.

    Nobody ever said you had to have abs like Mark. Then again, he does look nice in swimwear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Nobody ever said you had to have abs like Mark. Then again, he does look nice in swimwear.

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    I used to use a gym ball to sit at my desk, but that was at home and allowed. Pretty good, because I could sit and roll back and forth and swirl my hips instead of just being sedentary in the chair.

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    I used to hate to stand for long periods and then my massage therapist/bodywork guy, Steven, taught me how to sit properly (rock back and forth and find the comfy spot between pelvic bones and your genitalia (insert joke here) which for me means sitting slightly more forward (lower back is then not slumped toward back of chair and front is not hunched over). Anyway, magically, when I practiced changing a decades old bad sitting habit, I suddenly liked to stand A LOT more and can do both comfortably for longer periods of time. And, my back pain did improve dramatically. (He worked on my extremely tight pecs and gave me a few stretches to do and that also helped tremendously). Steven said that if I learned to sit properly I would be able to sit on any surface comfortably and he was right. I can now sit on a picnic table and listen to my favorite local band for hours with no problem. I used to bring my lawn chair. I also find myself standing up a lot more during activities where I would sit down. I used to wonder why some people chose to stand when they could sit and now I find myself entering their ranks. I think I will get a standing desk soon. That will be much entertainment for my co-workers who love observing my interesting health habits while eating fast food.

    I think it's interesting to note what little children do. I notice that little kids stand a lot more than most adults. Of course, they also run a lot more than most adults. They are just more active in general, but they haven't learned as many bad postural habits that make movement/standing difficult or painful.

    As for the salads, I do agree that it's good to eat raw foods for at least part of our diet. The solution I have found to this which works really well for my husband (not exactly primal) and I is to make chopped salads in my food processor. I'm going to post directions in the recipe section soon. I can eat so many more fresh, raw vegetables this way. And you can basically make the salad and dressing at the same time. My husband really likes not having to chew huge pieces of spinach or lettuce. I still enjoy cooked greens almost daily but I also do the salad thing almost daily also for a good combination of the two.

    I think we do have to find the healthy habits that work for us and not worry too much about it.
    True healthcare reform starts in your kitchen, not in Washington. ~Anonymous
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