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Thread: 100% cocoa bars

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    100% sounds bitterly intense for chocolate!

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    If anyone is in NZ or Australia - try the Whittaker's 62% Mocha Bittersweet. It tastes like 80% with the grittiness of ground coffee - like a choc coated coffee bean after you munch it in your mouth.

    OMG it's good... wondering if the 62% Calculation is because the coffee is another part of the percentage... definitely tastes like more than 62%...

    Made in NZ from grassfed cows and I have found it in Australian IGA stores.

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    Check out the Whittaker's website - if this doesn't make you want to eat dark chocolate I don't know what will - I started salivating!
    Whittaker's Chocolate | Since 1896

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