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Thread: Do any of you count calories?

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    I counted when I first started about a year and a half ago. But haven't in at least a year. Still lost 130 or so pounds. But have slowed way down as of late. I hope to start seeing more changes in the mirror as opposed to the scale.

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    I track my food using one of the many great online apps (I like LoseIt, but there are other good apps as well). I track mostly to make sure my macros are in a good range for me, and to see how my weight fluctuates over the years. But it's also interesting to see the calories. (If in the afternoon I find that I'm way over my average calories, I probably change behavior for the rest of the day and have a lighter final meal.) The history on the app lets me know that macros matter a lot more than calories for my weight--the higher the proportion of fat and the low the carbs, for me, the easier it is to lose weight and then maintain. Your mileage may vary, of course.

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    Never ever ever do I count. I know when I'm overeating and undereating, and I like to mix it up between the two, with some consideration given to my workout schedule. If there's one benefit I wish for everyone who eats paleo/primal/ancestral, it's appetite regulation. It's a truly beautiful thing.

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    I don't count calories. I've found that with Primal, my appetite self-regulates. I've lost 14 lbs since my start date of Nov 26, simply by eating primal. I exercise only moderately, mostly walking, recently. I know some people still need to count calories because not everyone is the same, but you might find that you don't need to.
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    I log my food on PaleoTrack. I do keep an eye on my calories - if not I tend not to eat enough. I also like it because it helps me pay attention to my Omega 3/6 ratio and whether I am getting enough vitamins from my food. Like others have said, some days I eat more calories, but I usually eat less the next day without thinking about it.

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    I count them because I can eat too little, and then my body goes into starvation mode. Not everybody likes to count, it's an individual thing. I like to count too because I like information. Just the way I'm built.

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    I used to have insecurities with counting calories and food, so counting calories brings back my general craziness/food issues. On days when I count calories earlier in the day, I end up overconsuming at the end of the day. If I add up and look at stuff at the end of the day, right before sleeping, I am dandy at my maintenance/slightly less than maintenance.

    I'm weird like that

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    Being new to the PB diet, I don't count my calories per se, but I DO watch my ratio of carb/protein/fat. I'm trying to stay around the 15/35/50 or so for carb/protein/fat ratios. I feel that if I am able to roughly stay at that, then my appetite really does self-regulate as others have mentioned before. Before, when I had roughly half carbs, I would get much hungrier quickly.

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