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Thread: Eat More Fat! The Nutritional Ketosis Challenge continues...

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    Primal123, I don't eat any vegetables, and while the last couple of Fridays
    I've had wine and bad carbs, those days are the ONLY days that I've actually
    EATEN carbs.

    Than, you know, what lurks in egg yolks and hard cheeses.

    Zero carb is not new to me at all. I had a stint of it a couple years ago for
    about 8months.

    Besides my indiscretions this last month, I seem to be going back to zero
    carb as I am not craving ANY vegetables and have not TOUCHED a veggie
    at all either.

    I think I MAY have had a couple of strawberries at one point, but that was it.

    I feel fantastic (always do, going vlc or zc), so I think if you want to try it,
    try it!

    If you start feeling weird or nasty or something, then just stop.

    Have you been to the Dirty Carnivore site yet? Lots of zero carbers
    there, or super low carbers that just add spices and stuff to their meats, not
    a pile of veggies.

    For those of you that are having bathroom troubles, like many have said, magnesium

    But instead of just taking a certain amount at bed time or in the middle of the day, try
    taking it three times a day. Like 400mg when you wake up, 400mg at lunch time and then
    400mg when you go to bed.

    ALWAYS with a big ass glass of water.

    If that doesn't start something in the right direction, I will throw myself to the wolves
    on your account. Promise.

    I used to have to do that (the magnesium, not the wolves) and now I'm just down to 400mg
    at bed time.


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    Ok..i have been feeling so good and thinner i could not wait to weigh in in until thursday, In 3 weeks I am down 15 pounds!!!! I am on my kindle and will be back tomorrow!!! Whooop!!!!

    Created by - Free Calorie Counter

    What am I doing? Depends on the day.

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    Holy crapballs Karin, YOU ARE ON FIRE!!!!!



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    Quote Originally Posted by athomeontherange View Post
    ok..i have been feeling so good and thinner i could not wait to weigh in in until thursday, in 3 weeks i am down 15 pounds!!!! I am on my kindle and will be back tomorrow!!! Whooop!!!!
    You know all those things you wanted to do: You should go do them.

    Age 48
    height 5'3
    SW 215 lbs
    CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
    LW 172 lbs
    GW 125ish lbs

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    Wow Karin, that is great!

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    KARIN!!!!! You Rock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mks8500 View Post
    Ok, so more from the land of testing blood ketones.
    I too am very interested to see how you get on. If it goes well & I get a long stall I would like to get one too but having a problem finding it here in the UK. Seems I may have to order it from the US - shipping costs will make the stupidly expensive strips definitely out of my price range in that case so any info I can glean from your experience on keeping in NK will be most welcome. I wish you every success with your experiment.

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    mks -
    For the best price on the strips try Also, ketone levels are typically higher later in the day.
    Hope this helps.

    I have enjoyed following this thread & seeing all the successes. You have all made this an encouraging and positive place for everyone who pops in.

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    Another thing that I've noticed with this WOE. I was flexing in front of the mirror (yeah, I know) and I noticed that my upper arms are thinning down nicely. Even after dropping weight 6-7 years ago, I always had the dreaded "chicken wing". It seems that it the "chicken wing" is melting away. I'm barely working out and it's changed this much already.

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    @Geo,every time I see that you have posted here I hold my breath cause I am thinking you are announcing dropping down into onederland. It is great news about the chicken wings though.

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