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Thread: Funny CW moments

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaylandC View Post
    I actually am in a little bit of a tiff with H.R. because they're always running American Heart Association fundraisers and I openly and vociferously refuse to participate. The head of H.R. has promised me an audience with the local AHA chapter president or whatever next time he/she's in town. She thinks it's going to change my mind. I just want to print this out and bring it with me:

    David Brown on Saturated Fat Phobia's Demise and the Omega-6 Hazard | Free The Animal

    Of course, my real hope is to bring a Halloween costume prop microphone that I have from last year with me, utter the words "why does the AHA still recommend replacing safe, healthy saturated fats with linoleic acid?" (Their guidelines literally recommend replacing butter with soft margarine in a tub). Then I'll drop the microphone and walk out of the room.

    And of course, I'd love to provide the following article on the salt issue: Shaking up the Salt Myth: The Human Need for Salt .

    Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, I need the job and hope to continue to advance (at least in salary) before I can realize my entrepreneurial aspirations, so treading lightly is imperative. At least someone removed all the AHA flyers with their dietary recommendations from the lunchroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Seekins View Post
    Don't sneak it it in full view and drink it with a huge smile on your face...
    Forget the coffee...I eat it straight off the spoon.
    *My obligatory intro

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    I work in physical therapy and we have a lot of older patients. We had one today who was an older lady who wouldn't stop talking about how healthy she eats...lots of egg whites and peanut butter on celery and whole grains...then she was talking about some special occasion where she made her homemade blueberry pie. I was polite and said that it sounded really good. Her response was, "It's the only time I eat cholesterol."

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    My husband and I went out for some ice cream as a splurge. While standing in line I heard a mother ask her daughter if she wanted M&M's and peanuts mixed in, her daughter saw chocolate chips and said she wanted that mixed in and mom said she didn't need chocolate chips and chocolate ice cream. What? Chocolate chips are worse in chocolate ice cream than M&M's mixed in? I just rolled my eyes at my husband.

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    dd had a friend spend the night. My kid is not primal and neither is her friend. They beg for "comforts", and I go ahead and make them (bad mom), anyway dd's friend says, ummm I notice every time you make these you never eat any. Why? I say, I don't eat grains. She says grains? I explain wheat, corn etc. She says but they are good for you. I reply with "why do they feed cows grain?" She says "to fatten them up". With a look that said enough said she got to thinking, then mentioned how they were bad for my tummy. So then she replies, yeah but they have 4 legs. I said, 4 legs?? Then they ought to working it off faster right? She was stumped, I was amused. LOL Yeah, ok.. she was 10 hahahahahah

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrimalMama View Post
    speaking of bulletproof coffee (currently in my travel mug on my desk - nobody knows there's butter in it!)... someone who always comments on how "strange" my lunch is (because I have things like avocados, hard-boiled eggs, carrots, apples, etc. instead of a sandwich) had NO CLUE that sugar was addictive... I'll give her a break 'cause she's in high school, but... c'mon, what are they teaching kids these days!?
    My daughter is a freshman in high school. Her health teacher didn't have a clue what a frittata was or what quinoa was.
    I can understand her not knowing about quinoa, but a frittata, come on man.

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    Well maybe she knows it by another name, such as omelette or quiche. But she probably doesn't teach it since it's full of cholesterol laden eggs.

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    Did ay one else get a letter from their health insurance co (Anthem Blue Cross) stating they wanted to help you eat healthy? Included were coupons for highly processed diet food made with grains. There was one coupon good for fresh produce...but you had to purchase cereal to make the offer good.

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    Hell, I don't remember where I saw it, but some insurer offered a free coupon for a Happy Meal if you got your kid vaccinated.
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    Not so much funny as infuriating. I watched the latest episode of The Biggest Loser. For people here I'm guessing that'd be enough said, but some of my particularly favorite moments where:

    ***Just incase, I guess I should say spoiler alert***

    - One of the contestants was eating out with friends who were ordering burgers, fries, pizza, and quesadillas while he was having a salad, and he was talking about how this moment was the harest thing he'd ever done but that his friends aren't overweight so they can do whatever they want. Since I've really started paying attention to the existance of it, I'm really annoyed by this cultural attitude that skinny people are have a right to eat junkfood by the virtue of not being fat.
    Plus, that eating for good health means less enjoyment. Oh and he added that at the ranch they 'never cook with grease' like all the food at the restaurant had. No mention of the fact that it was probably corn or soybean oil.

    - After the public workout the show gifted everyone who attended Subway gift cards. I mean, yeah, I suppose it could be worse but I feel Subway is one of those places that has somewhat of a false 'health halo.'

    - One contestant and one of the kids talked about how the obesity epidemic is an issue that's being ignored, and that people need to start talking to peoplein their life who have weight problems. In other words, the old shaming will get people to lose weight myth.

    - At the public workouts all the talk it was about 'getting active', 'keeping moving', and 'working out'. No mention of play eventhough they had children as young as 3 participating.

    I was somewhat of a Biggest Loser fan before, but PB has definitely changed my view point on it.

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