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Thread: Funny CW moments

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    Griff - Take note that NK didn't say 'no', just that they don't have the venison yet!

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    So my daily funny excursion into CW is a former gym partner, he's still adamant about doing "curls" and "supersetting" every single day with pull-ups or something. The funniest part is that he does curls standing on 1 leg to "work his core" ahhhhh ha ha ha ha!!! It's comedic to see him. When he does pull-ups, he doesn't go chest-to-bar, be barely brings his chin over the bar (meaning his upper arms end up about parallel to the deck, not very far up). I know saying anything would amount to me, yet again, screaming at a tree. So I just keep quiet and thank myself for not doing that anymore!

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    Too bad we're both married to other folks. She's a lucky gal. It's good to have a coworker on your side though.
    No, I didn't say no, Griff. If it means I get to meet you/ your clan, I'd gladly provide a venison feast (if it lasts that long...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Primal2010 View Post
    When he does pull-ups, he doesn't go chest-to-bar, be barely brings his chin over the bar
    D'aww I suck at pullups Does this mean I have to go back to level 2 in Simplefit?
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazb View Post

    A guy I know who's recently started working out and trying to eat healthy: "I hadn't realised how much saturated fat a cake contains, it's worrying!"

    Yes, he's worried about the saturated fat content of a CAKE, which is made almost entirely of white flour and sugar. Sigh.
    I literally Laughed Out Loud
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    I read today that someone was told if they drink five 16.9 oz bottles of water a day they will drown. I guess I drowned years ago because I drink more than that.

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    Regarding a trip to France NEXT summer and my past pastry obsession...

    DH: you know honey, since you've given up bread what are you going to do when we go to France? you won't be able to any croissants!

    Me: are you kidding? if I make it to france I'm eating my way through every patisserie I can find. I'll be horribly miserable and bloated and gassy and pimply and probably drunk but you'll just have to deal with me.

    DH: you'll be drunk?

    Me: Well since I can only bring one bottle of wine back with me, I'll just have to drink all the wine when I'm there!

    DH: So I'll be touring France with my fat, drunk and flatulent wife.

    Me: Exactly!

    DH: Now THERE'S the wife I married!

    10 minutes later...

    Me: Are you calling me a fat drunk?

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    This was at Cracker Barrel. We went there for breakfast, and I was getting bacon and sausage and eggs.

    I asked the waitress to leave the toast off, because I can't have wheat.

    Her answer? "Oh honey, we have white bread too."
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    Overheard at work: some guy was saying all he's been eating over the last year was veggies, rice and vegetarian fare, "if i ate a steak i'd probably explode" and "I did mistakenly eat a non-veggie slice of pizza once, it made me very ill"

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    I was browsing a similar thread on a gluten-free site, and I was kind of shocked (then again, not really) at how many people do not know that white bread/white flour is made from wheat. I have to wonder just what they DO think it's made of?

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