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Thread: In a perfect world, what would your "work" be?

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    Doing it! Primal Nutrition Coach/Pregnancy Coach/EFT Practitioner

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    While I LOVE my job as a children's librarian . . . if money were no object and I had a wonderful, amazing husband - then my dream would be to have a hobby farm and be a homesteading, homeschooling, stay at home mom.

    But since I don't have the finances or a spouse to help support that dream right now - I'm really very happy to share my love of learning with the children in my community as a librarian. (Even if I had a spouse, kids and land, as in my dreams, I'd probably still want to stay in the library world in a part-time capacity as a sub librarian or consultant, etc.)

    If I ever get bored of being a librarian though - I'll probably become a midwife - that's been another interest of mine since undergrad.
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    Mine would be living in a forest, teaching civilians survival training at $400-$600 a pop for a weekend of training.

    Love teaching and love survival, have been teaching survival off and on for the military for a few years now, im thinking when I get my career stable i just might start doing some survival training as a part time gig, teaching civillians and the like, might make into a full business if it is lucrative enough (mebey a few buisnesses might want to teach their employees survival), but right now it is just a pipe dream

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    Mine is archaeology, and I'm getting there, slowly but surely. I'd love to go to Europe's painted caves, Egypt, and Siberia. Everyone forgets about Siberia, but there's thousands of years of history buried on those steppes, and the conditions for preservation are just right.

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    Either jumping on our motorcycles or into mister's 4-seater Cessna to explore as far and wide as we can, while recording our adventures, would be amazing. Then when it's all said and done, we sell the footage to the highest-bidding network!

    I'd really love to spend my time creating things...especially baking. I. Love. It. But being primal doesn't mesh all that well with baking epic cupcakes and cookies...and it's been a struggle for me to combine my primal lifestyle with making wonderful treats for friends and family - I end up feeling like a hypocrite a lot of the time. Yes, I get you can primalize a lot of desserts but, come on, there is no comparison to a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie made with flour and sugar and all that crap I don't want in my body anymore. *Sigh*.

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    I would be a wizard, and not a good one either, but a nasty take over the world one.
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    I'd be a fly fishing guide in the non-winter months and a full-time ski instructor in the winter. I already do the latter part-time in the winter. I would also tie flies to sell to make some extra money. Basically, I'd turn my two biggest hobbies into my jobs.

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    If I could do anything and money was no object.

    I would spend my days in my home with my boyfriend. Cooking, reading, gardening, watching movies, playing video games. We would shop for fresh food every other day or so. I would bake. We would travel. My home would be peaceful and clean and just the way I want it. I might raise chickens for eggs. Sleep when tired, wake when refreshed. Monday would be just another day.

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    I immediately imagine myself living in Maine, maybe on my grandmother's property in the woods. I would keep the paths clear. We would raise goats and chickens, maybe more. I would sell eggs. I would wander, I would clear paths, I would offer to do this for others as well. I would probably also provide in-home computer services for people within a reasonable radius of my home. It's mostly older folks with old computers around there. I have good patience when it comes to learning someone's style and educating them in basic computer function.

    It's a romantic notion. I don't know if I would truly enjoy that kind of work because I've never done it, but it's been a dream of mine since I was very little and darted in to grab eggs from underneath my grandparents' chickens. I would be incredibly depressed if their property ever left the family.
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    I would like to be a half-mad dread-locked forest-dwelling mushroom sensei, squatting on ruined pillars at road crossings and shit and robbing travel whose evident wavelength displeases me, and taking disciples and shit in the wild, who would trade my family seized commodities and home-grown botanical weapons and potions I think.

    yeah NJ is ok too though...
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