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Thread: Paleo And Politics

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    I haven't yet found a significant reason for why paleo should affect or contribute to my political opinions.
    because the body and mind are a single totality, and our present political condition, regardless of where on this rock you lay your head, is one of organized resistance to natural human conditions and demands of human existence as determined by our genetic heritage.

    - Honestly, I can find many reasons for why subsidies to grains and sugar is bad, but the facts that I personally avoid them is not one. I don't care much what other people eat.
    our money pays those subsidies, which is extracted at gun point and against our will

    - And the demonizing of healthy fat and cholesterol, seems to be shrinking. More and more society is noticing that there's a difference between the fat you get from chips and deep-frying, and the fat found in animals, fish, seeds, etc. And it doesn't seem to be that widespread. Most people eat steaks and stuff. So long as I have access to these foods, I'm happy. And if more people go vegan, maybe it will lower the cost of meat.
    haha you don't talk to any school kids about their cafeteria food?
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    Like Joanie I was already a non-conformist before I changed my diet to paleo. I never bought into common wisdom in any aspect of my life; I've always been intellectually curious. Eating a paleo diet just seemed to fit in with other aspects of my non-traditional life: when I got pregnant Hubby and I looked to tribal cultures and considered how children were raised. Which led us to having a home birth, extended nursing and unschooling. Eating a paleo diet just seemed to fit in with the way we live, we do our best not to support corporate mas produced consumption. We like to make things ourselves and we also like to think for ourselves. So for me it was the other way around my world view led me to see the logic of eating paleo.

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    I've become more of a libertarian and an individualist in my politics.
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    Since when did the government have the corporations on a leash?

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    being primal hasn't changed my political stance much, but the whole WOE has altered my thinking quite a bit, which runs over into politics quite a bit. i think more, i question more, and i'm rarely satisfied with any idea born out of group think or platitudes as an argument method.
    i suppose this should make me more of a centrist, or libertarian, but i don't fit so well into little boxes. i spend most of my time challenging others' opinions on issues, but always land way over in lefty territory.

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    I agree with the correlation, not causational factor.

    Although being Paleo has made me become more informed. Because prior, I couldn't care less about politics.

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    Primal/Paleo to me is a result of my increased interest in the sciences, particularly natural and evolutionary science. These same interests have pushed me in the direction of being an ultra-conservative (not the religious, fundamentalist type though, obviously). Or at least ultra-conservative in the sense that some of my views are generally beyond what most find tolerable.

    On and issue to issue basis, I probably could list things that would fall into many different categories. On economics, for example, I am not openly aggressive to programs often embraced by the left, but I don't believe them to be fundamental rights either.
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    Primal hasn't really changed my politics. I believed government was nothing but a gang of thieves and thugs before and I still believe that now. But I do think it has contributed to me becoming a bit more politically engaged. Whereas before I saw government as something to avoid and ignore, I'm finding myself more inclined to engage and resist now. Maybe it is just a phase, totally unrelated to Primal, I don't know. But this past year I changed my voter registration so I could vote for the only Pale-Friendly presidential candidate in the primaries. I try to support agorist businesses whenever I can. This weekend I was able to tip off some guys by the beach selling coconuts that the Code Enforcers were making their way up to their impromptu "stand" and they were able to pack everything up and avoid getting pinched. That made me feel real good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cobalamin View Post
    Since when did the government have the corporations on a leash?
    Could somebody, please?! Nobody in government is smart enough to screw us the way Monsanto and ConAgra can. Just because the lackeys in government are sucking the corporate d!< doesn't mean they are the ones actually pulling the strings.
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    Paleo/primal has not effected my politics, but I have found that there seem to more libertarians amongst us than in the general population. Even a few of my friends, who I was already friends with because of shared politics (or anther interest - but also happen to have shared politics with), I found out are paleo too.

    I was libertarian before, but it's quite possible that my personality (and political beliefs) made it easier for me to discard the government's idea of a good diet (influenced largely by politics, rather than science, and the heavily subsidized grain industry) given the distrust I already had in their ideas of what's good/right for my life.
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