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Thread: Are we overthinking this whole PB way of life?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    Poop threads crack me up.
    But shd.n't we be solicitous as to how everything is coming out for our fellow posters?

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    It took me a while to get things figured out, and took some thinking and analysis to get my diet right. I was very used to CW low fat, many small meals.... so it helped to monitor for a while, now it is second nature. Also, people with other health issues have some extra things to work out.

    But yeah, probably most people don't need to do much more than follow the plan to see improvement. And some of the alternative diets that get promoted make me roll my eyes. I do hope people don't think they are necessary to success. Thegood thing is we can ignore them.
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    In the beginning, I totally overthought things. I will gladly admit that. I followed the plan to the letter, adhered to it like it was a code, and didn't deviate. It was a bit stressful but I got results.

    Once I got comfortable with the consistent success, the way my body was responding, I eased up. I think, when it's new to people, overthinking things is just natural. I don't overthink things too much on Primal anymore.

    Last night I had Chinese food. Was it primal? Not really, but it was good. Am I heavier today than yesterday? Yeah. But will I be this way forever? No. I'll be back to normal in a few days and I know this now after experiencing it. Eventually, everyone will arrive at this point but for some it takes longer than others.

    And that's okay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    Poop threads crack me up.
    Ha! Me too.

    What's frustrating me right now is when I ask for specific advice on a specific topic, hoping to get the primal-followers' view, and the only response I get is a "Grok doesn't XYZ, and you're pretty stupid if you do." I didn't ask what Grok would do, I asked what a modern human could do.
    The responses and attitudes on here sometimes can't even be viewed as constructive criticism. Picking apart every single facet of a typically healthy, paleo person's diet accomplishes nothing, yet that's the first thing everyone asks. Someone here just told me that being "paleo" tells him "nothing" about the way I eat. REALLY?
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    I think in the end there is a balance. You have those who go to the nth degree of "what would Grok do" and those who call those people out.

    When a new comer comes in (me a year ago), there is plenty to read, look at, and think about. After reading TPB, seeing the different topics and comments, then applying things that I have learned, I have found my own path.

    Personally, I think the whole "squatty potty" thing is weird, but I wear Skele-Toes shoes (will move up to Vibrams in the future). But, I have found my happy medium between the hardcore Grok/ettes and the 'modern science only' crowd, until something new pops up to think about, then I will add it to what I have learned and apply when needed.

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    Actually thought of you TG in the wake of the Algeria incident. Good to see you posting. And yes, it is so simple it's easy to over think.
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    Everything in moderation including all the info on this site. Everyone is different and they will do what is best for them. Some care to share more than others. Whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IvyBlue View Post
    Actually thought of you TG in the wake of the Algeria incident. Good to see you posting.
    Thanks IvyBlue for thinking about me. I'm back/still in Egypt and so far so good over here. But this weekend is supposed to get hairy in Cairo, Suez and Alex. I'll keep my head down out here in the desert. Not enough people out here to have a decent sized riot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by texas.grok View Post
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    The entire internet and modern access for some (including myself) lends itself to hyper-analyzing choices. This can especially be true when starting a new lifestyle and being attached to a certain outcome - such as looking like Mark.

    For myself, I have noticed some people get pretty thick into woods with ingredients, experiments, etc. and from my perception is does seems to make a pretty simple blueprint fairly complex. But its a free country and people can do as they wish.

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    I'm doing similar things, but for different reasons. This year I'm keeping a daily log of: kcal intake, grams of fat, carbs and protein, water intake, exercise, cold and heat exposure, slip-ups (oats in haggis or blood-sausage), disrupture from routine and problem factors (stress, late night). I'm also noting any illness or problems I suffer (digestive problems the day after having oats, any increase in acne or if I catch a cold or not). I'm noting how much food I buy in, what I buy and how often I buy it. I'm keeping a monthly log of weight, height, WHR and an approximate body-fat% and I'll be having a blood test soon-ish and another in six months.

    Why? Not to fuss over my cholesterol, beat myself up about the oats (my body does that enough on its own) or alter what I'm doing in any way (besides slip-ups and stress, it works quite well). It's to add to the pile of evidence for Paleo/Primal. It's easy to point at a guru online. If someone is unconvinced you'll hear screams of "he's genetically predisposed to thinness!", "she HAS to have heart problems!", "steroids!"...etc If I have MYSELF as an exmaple for friends anf family:
    -they know I used to be large and I don't have "skinny genes"
    -they know I wouldn't lie to them
    -and now they'll have evidence that I'm doing what I say I'm doing AND that it doesn't harm my health
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