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Thread: Wheatophobia? Opinion please

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    I find the wheat hate over done here, and in paleo. No doubt wheat is bad for a number of people, and it takes up too much space in millions of peoples diets (when they should be eating more veggies, meat, eggs etc) but wheat isn't behind the obesity epidemic and it doesn't give people cancer.

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    I don't know that I buy into "grains" being bad for a body per se. They sure do fatten you up. Whether I am eating a healthy wheatberry salad or a cookie, I can not stop. I think if I could eat grains like I eat meat, I would be able to eat them and lose weight. If I could say, have a burger on a bun and then not need more carbs, a cookie, ice cream....Or if I could eat 1 cup of wheatberry salad and be done.

    The funny thing is that the grains most people eat are not healthy even by CW standards. Most people who think eliminating garins is a bad thing (in my world) eat things like bagels, cookies, sugar cereal. Not whole grains. It's like the people who used to tell me vegetarianism was malnourishing me (well OK, it was) but hell, they ate fast food 3x a day.
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    I think a lot of the weight I have lost is probably down to the dramatic reduction in calorie intake from sugar, mainly due to the none consumption of anything with wheat in it. This intantly cuts out many hi sugar foods such as cake, buns etc. Add that to none soda consumption and beer and i'm 22lbs lighter.

    It's an over all change in attitude to junk food as a whole I guess. The removal of wheat hasstopped the sugar crashes I used to have, acid reflux bloating I had too. Its all good.

    I have no issue with people debating anything but I have way more respect for them if them actually try the theory and see how it works for them over a decent period of time before the rubbish an idea of lifestyle.

    I wonder if all the pro wheat folk out there have ever tried to live for a few weeks wheat free?

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