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Thread: 7 Days of Spuds...Post-Holidays Potato Reset Project

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    Otzi -

    NO! You musn't curtail your internet use! NO! NO! NO!

    Okay, fine, I've stomped my feet and made a scene... I'm over it... sorta.

    In any event, less or hardly at all, thanks for all your great posts and I look forward
    to seeing you when we see you!

    Gopintos - are you going to start a journal or anything for your PHD experiment?


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    Quote Originally Posted by gopintos View Post
    Message me, or post, either here somewhere or on PHD when you get to the fasting part.
    Just read it (Chapter 40, Fasting). I have been IF'ing for well over a year just like they describe (skipping breakfast). Looks like that may be the best way. I had never heard that longer fasts turned off autophagy, that was interesting. For about 6 months, I was doing a 41 hour fast once a week, but after all those months, I was at the same weight, so I quit as I couldn't see any reason to keep doing something so often that was slightly miserable.

    Kind of my implementation plan for the PHD is to skip breakfast, eat a can of sardines or oysters, potato and veggies for a light lunch, then a bigger portion of meat, MOAR Taters, and some fatty foods like nuts, cheese, coconut oil/milk, dark chocolate, etc...

    I like Julie's idea you should start a thread on PHD. I really think that is where Mark is headed with PB. I also think when eating 30% of calories as starch a day becomes mainstream, potatoes will rule over rice and tropical starches. I would love to experiment with the other starches, but even in the PHD book, they don't talk about how to buy, prep and eat them. Potatoes are so versatile and can stand on their own, rice is a good accompaniment to other foods, but would be hard to eat a pound of plain, white rice IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by InSearchOfAbs View Post
    Gopintos - are you going to start a journal or anything for your PHD experiment?
    I should. But I spend so much time here and on spark already ... and trying to start a not-for-profit foundation equestrian facility for at-risk youth.... but I should take the time and document more. Paul said we could do a little success deal when I am done if I want, so I should do something a little more detailed.

    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    Looks like that may be the best way. I had never heard that longer fasts turned off autophagy, that was interesting.

    I like Julie's idea you should start a thread on PHD. I really think that is where Mark is headed with PB.
    Yes that is the part I had not heard before, that it it is turned off fairly quickly leaving pathogens free to multiply.

    I will probably start a journal soon. I just dont have all the smarts, but I have all the experiences and that is all I can share I guess. I started a PHD team on Spark also, there was already a PB one of sorts, but not PHD. I got Paul's opinion first, and he even offered to help when he could if I needed him, I guess with things like the sciency stuff. Nice fella.

    Anyways........ my tators are boiled. Was thinking of trying to do a couple of days. I may end up tators during the day and then eat supper, havent really decided yet. I was thinking of trying to get DH to take a few to work with him. They are red like apples, so maybe he won't notice...
    65lbs gone and counting!!

    Fat 2 Fit - One Woman's Journey

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    Your valuable info, otzi, has helped many of us. Thanks so much for taking the time to post.
    I really love the 2nd PHD book, as well. They some smart folks. Mark's intro is great.
    I am following it to a tee in 2013..and, like you, plan to DO more and be online less.
    I'm gonna try my hand at some DIY projects around the house and outdoors; have plans for an awesome raised garden.
    Hope you guys have a prosperous and very healthy 2013!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ouis View Post
    On my up days, I eat potato for breakfast and lunch and then have a great dinner. Don't feel deprived in the least! As a matter of fact it has cured me of my Up Up and Away Days!
    Great idea! I think that's going to be my solution for my carb-up days--eat potatoes during the day and a nice dinner. That'll prevent the "eating all day long" phenomenon that's been plaguing my weekends!

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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    Maybe certain ethnic groups know how to prepare cassava, plantains, and taro, but to me these are like really foreign and I would have no idea how to buy them, cook them etc...
    I LOVE taro!!! They're one of my favorite foods! You can get them at Asian grocery stores, and they are delicious! They taste better than potatoes. Do you think this potato hack thing will work with taros???

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    I started this on Sunday.

    On Dec 17, I was 143lbs, waist 29.5 inches, "belly" 32.5 inches. I went up to 145 on the 19th and stayed there. I should add that the scale at work that I use only measures to the nearest pound, so I guess 145 could be anywhere from 144.6 to 145.5lbs. Because the scale is at work, I only measure on the days I'm there.

    Day 1. Wt. unknown. 300g russet potato hash with 1 tsp coconut oil cooked on George Foreman grill, 8oz red potatoes boiled in bone broth (didn't drink), tea sweetened with stevia.

    Day 2. Wt = 143 lbs. Ate 1lb of fingerling potatoes baked with sea salt, herbs and 1tbsp of coconut oil. Dinner was ground beef and roasted broccoli that I was trying to use up at around 6pm. I also had some sweetish kombucha. Then I started feeling hungry around 9pm. I had one clementine, and a little bit of leftover gluten free christmas cake. I spent the next three hours throwing up. I have gastroparesis, so this throwing up a little for hours used to be a way of life.

    Day 3: 310 g russet potato hash in GFG, tea, 4oz roasted fingerlings. I was still hungry, but rather than make the previous days mistake of eating too much, I had some chai with a tsp of cocoa and some sugar free gum.

    Day 4 (today): Wt = 142, waist 29inches, belly 32 inches. Also lost half inch off bust. I ate the last of the grass fed ground beef and broccoli for breakfast. It's 1pm, and I'm still not hungry. But I'm going to work out this evening, so I have 12oz boiled cold red potatoes and the bone broth for later. I still have a bunch of off-plan, perishable foods that I'm trying to use up - high fat greek yogurt, clementines, pomegranate, brussels sprouts, radishes and granny smith apples. I intend to keep working those things in until they are used up.

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    Starting in the morning. I'll do two and a half days, as I have dinner plans for Saturday evening, but I can do nothing but potatoes from now until then. I, too, have been working my way through the holiday leftovers and perishables. Finally think I've got them down to a manageable level. And next week, I'm planning a minimum of 2 days on potatoes.

    So I brought my son's George Foreman Grill home from his apartment to try potatoes. Can someone post a clear set of directions on how to make them on the GFG? I've never used this gizmo before, so be specific please.

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    I'm back after 11 days on the East Coast. I am reading PB as I am looking for an eating/moving plan that is easily sustainable. I put on a few pounds in December but more importantly felt terrible eating sugar and grains. I gave up my tater experient in December as I had RA reactions to the nightshade. I hope to do the next 5-6 days of taters unless I get the same reaction, then move into eating without grains. I hope to find a balance that doesn't require low carb for weight maintenance.

    Bonus of the day: it was 39 degrees when I walked to work this morning. I stuck a hot potato in my pocket. It was a most excellent hand warmer!

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    I am on my second day of potatoes and so far so good but need some advice please. Can anyone tell me if drinking diet 7up and chewing sugar free gum would be ok on the PHD.

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