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Thread: The "Eat More (or Moar) Fat" January Challenge

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    What is your protein like? If you eat too much protein, that'll prevent you from reaching ketosis as well.

    I find that my carbs have to be way low - like in the 30's, in order to register higher than a trace on the ketosticks.

    That being said, sticks are not very accurate from what I'm told, and blood is better. Additionally, the longer you're in ketosis, the better your body is at processing ketones, and will toss fewer away in the urine, making ketosticks a poor measure of ketosis.

    not sure if any of this helps you or not... I hope it does.
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    Erin, Yes, there are varying degrees of ketosis, but you can only measure that by a blood monitor.

    FYI for all. The blood ketone monitor is not terribly expensive, but the test strips run about $5.00 each. I hope to buy one and test every other week or so.

    Ein, I always end my day with herbal tea and 1 tbsp of CO. No hunger and I sleep really well.

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    I've only been tracking for a few days and can see on most days my protein is about 70g and my carbs vary from 35g to 50g with most days closer to 50g. I blame this on my husband making bacon wrapped dates, but now that I can see where the problem might be I can hopefully fix it. I forget that protein can take me out of ketosis, especially since I've been told I need to eat more protein.

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    Erin, what is your "goal" weight? Cause 70g of protein is what my goal is and my goal weight is 160.

    Jon, I honestly think that being a man probably allows you more calories and thus more protein (especially if you lift), I could rearrange my foods to allow for meat, I am just not a big meat eater anyway (I can pass up ice cream now too!). Have you read any of Dr. Attia's blog, especially his "what I eat" entry and "how can I lose weight"?

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    Wow this thread exploded! I thought I'd pop in to say I've been starting a predominantly high fat and low-calorie eating plan, although I try to keep my protein intake a little higher. It stays within a 1:1 g or 0.5:1 g fat : protein ratio (so fat is always calorically equal to protein or higher).

    And I cycle my carbs, though 90% of the time going ultra low carb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calee View Post
    I've never heard of the SIBO test. Could you say more about it? More about the hormonal part? I hope your results come back with the best results!
    SIBO- Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth - Welcome
    This site has some good information about what SIBO is and how you can test for it.

    What I did is get a test kit from the doctor's office. I had to send it in with payment ($135, not covered by insurance unfortunately) after doing it. The kit includes diet instructions. I had to follow a certain diet for 36 hrs prior to the test, and fast, only drinking water, for 12 hours immediately prior to the test. I timed it so I slept for most of those 12 hrs . The diet is much like a low-FODMAPs diet, but with some differences. The major things were no starches (but some squash and melons were allowed), no grains (but white rice and popcorn was allowed, as was corn or rice based cereal), no dairy, and very limited vegetables. An intro GAPS diet for three days probably would have worked for it (since that's mostly broth and meat, I think).

    The test itself consisted of exhaling normally into this tube with a bag attached, after holding your breath for 5 seconds. Then you push a tube into part of the tube you breath into and it captures some of the air you exhaled. After the first tube, you drink some kind of sugar solution that's provided, and then repeat the tube-breath process every 20 minutes for 2 hours. After that, you can eat and drink. No exercise, food, or water during the test. I forgot to hold my breath before taking most of the samples, so I hope it comes out okay. The test is supposed to measure different gas levels that are being produced in your gut. That indicates whether there is an overgrowth of anything in your intestines. Too much hydrogen, or methane, for example.

    I had my hormone levels tested sometime last fall. They took a blood sample 1 week prior to when I expected my (very regular) period. That is when you ovulate, roughly, and progesterone should be high. Mine was very low, all other levels (estrogen, testosterone, something else that I have forgotten) were in a normal range. I began supplement Vitex/chasteberry, which gets your body to produce my progesterone. I experimented with the dose a little and found that it gives me a lot more energy than I had before. I also experienced a spike in libido (considering it was practically non existent before, that's awesome for me). I'm hoping that I won't need to supplement this for more than 6 months and that my body will be producing enough on its own whenever I figure out this gut thing. I'm sure they're linked somehow, though I can't say how.
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    Jon, I've gotten pretty good at at lower protein and veggies. I'm supposed to eat 136g fat, 62-71g protein and no more than 34g fat a day. On a typical day, I eat:

    B-cup coffee w/3 tbsp whipping cream(sometimes unsalted butter), 2-3 pieces bacon, bone broth with butter and bouillon

    L-usually a salad with low carb veggies meat ranch dressing or cream based soups or buffalo chicken dip with pork rinds

    D-Bacon & eggs or whatever I make for the family that falls into the EMF requirements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnegans Wake View Post
    Yeah, when I was 205# I was at my best weight. I'm 6'2" and when I weighed 180# I looked really thin, but I think that's the usual height-weight rec from ye olde charts. No thanks...
    Yeah, but I am only 5'7" so perhaps I am fooling myself into thinking I look good at 200 and thin at 180. Bleh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenn26point2 View Post
    Canio and Jan11, do either of you do heavy lifting? Heavy lifting would require more protein, I would think. The problem with protein comes in when it's NOT being used for building or repairing. So if you're not doing much in the gym, there isn't much need for protein. And any protein not used for building turns to sugar. But if you're lifting regularly, maybe you wouldn't need to reduce the protein so much?

    Canio/FW, very nice to see some gentlemen here.
    I need to do some. It is in the works. Currently, not so much. Well, unless lifting my ass off the chair counts.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles67 View Post
    True. Have you input your typical day into fitday?It might be interesting to see what your percentages are. Then if you wanted to you could up your fat percentage based on that information.

    EDIT: I saw what you posted in my journal.
    I imputed what seems a rather typical day and my % were something like 6% carb, 30% protein, and 64% fat. I use quite a bit of hvy cream in coffee.

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