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Thread: Witch Hazel

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahW View Post
    Are you talking about Milk of Magnesia? I use that as my deodorant, and I don't have a problem after I shave.
    Nope! Magnesium Oil It does burn a bit on occasion, but I got a really good deal on it at my health food store and they were out of milk of magnesia.

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    I love witch hazel. I carry a bottle with me in the summer. I put it on a terry facecloth with a bit of water to wash with when I don't have access to a sink. The smell and feeling refreshes me when I am too hot. I use the rose scented Thayers as a toner.
    I hope it never goes off the market. It is such an old fashioned product.
    Thanks for telling about using it as a deodorant, I will try it.

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    I can't use witch hazel whatsoever on my face. I also get the same effect with Thayers. It causes rosacea to flare up on me and I also cannot use CO on my face as a moisturizer. I've found camphor oil and eucalyptus oil works well when I get a flare up. I also wash my face with bags of green tea when it does flare up and use Bio Oil as a moisturizer.

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