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Thread: How far have you fallen off the paleo/primal bandwagon this holiday season?

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    There are not battles for me, now. I eat what I eat and live and let live. Will I splurge and eat a pizza in 2013? Time will tell.

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    Today is day 4 of primal and day 1 of "off the wagon" b/c I asked DH to buy some red wine and he came home with white zin -_-
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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I don't see why "the holidays" should automatically be any different than any other time of year. Yes there are more get togethers including food and booze but those go on all year long too, especially if one has a family.

    I have been to several holiday parties already and am hosting one tonight. There are are always Primal food and drink options like veggies and a turkey at thanksgiving and, if there aren't, you smile politely and say, "No, thank you." to the cake and cookies. Another good way to make sure that there is a primal approved option at a party is bring it yourself.

    Why is this particular time of year such a big deal?
    +1000 Totally agree. Why are holidays an issue for some? I'm going to a hot beach vacation for a week and have no worries about remaining paleo---I will choose my food selection carefully. Mojitos will be allowed every day on the beach and so be it. January will be here soon enough and no more alcohol. The food is the easy part.
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    I had some mini-pizza bites at the office christmas party yesterday but so far that's been all I had. I'm planning to keep these things that occasional, maybe I'll have some traditional fried pastry at New Year's eve but I am planning to let that be all for the whole month

    To be honest, I rarely miss non primal foods, cause I remember how they made me feel

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    When I'm with family I often refuse food. I think that family is true family when they respect your life choices.
    well then

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    I kinda see brief forays or even face plants into non-Paleo/Primal foods as grist for the mill, so to speak. I feel fully fat adapted so occassional bites, meals or splurges hardly seem to matter overall - I just bike or walk some more, or skip a meal here & there & nothing seems out of place.

    The only out-right grains I've eaten were as a dinner & over-night guest w/ some newly-wed young impoverished friends who served me breaded veggies & I didn't want to be rude amidst their graciousness.

    I have been eating chocolate often lately but not in any biggish or huge quantities, which is fun & fine, as I'm an ex-chocoholic who now moderates happy consumption. Though I did make a meal out of a tub of Alden's Organic Blackberry Ice Cream. It was too too yummy. I knew I was going to make it through to the end, just past the 1/2 way mark, when I normally would've surrendered w/ spoon & hands up. I soldiered on to the blackberry's end, hopped on my bike & pedaled up & around humid Hawaiian hills & felt fine that evening, had a small dinner & slept normally. Normal morning, experiment went well.

    Not that I've not been going crazy since then, though my tropical fruit consumption here in Hawaii is far far greater than veggies intake most of the time. Which is fine as I consider tree ripened organic fruit as primal as liver on a stick. And veggies are expensive here, organic ones even more so. I've always loved & done well eating fruit & carbs too so it's great really. It wasn't til going full-on primal & all hard-core ketotic & fermenting & fasting that I temporarily gave up or drastically reduced my fruit intake. We are fat adapted by design but fructose in its whole food form is fine if burned off as fuel (for me).

    Oh I did have a big old white potato with my coconut curry & beef the other night. It was nice dressed up w/ gobs of Kerrygold butter & cheese, but it was nothing special.

    I avoid holiday fare w/ trans fats, crappy fats, bottled dressings & sauces, food coloring, fake stuff & grains (I did go to a community chow-down, lots of dyed colorful desserts etc but I chowed on some fresh ahi poke' caught that morning, salads & chocolate everything). At home I stick w/ coconuts, coco oils, grassfed beef, tons of eggs, local fish & local fruits & veggies & salads & thai condiments I'm making w/ fresh org herbs, spices & chillis grown here.

    Been skipping meals a lot just casually - & stayed lean the past several months. I hardly ever eat out, as $10-17 a plate for substandard fare doesn't digest well for me. I eat as much or as little as I like, whatever I like, with little regard to weight or waist. More concerned w/ other things these days, as I feel about the same no matter what I eat. I'm not bored as I eat some amazing exotic fruits & fishies. It's more I'm just at a leveled off place metabolically I guess. Meeting a local femme to shake things up, metabolically speaking, would work...
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    Man I made merry yesterday! A bottle of wine and about a 1000 savory appetizers0- homemade calzone, sausage dip, meat balls, latkes, spinach dip and rye bread....everything was so good! I saw it on the scale this am.The odd thing is that 2 years ago, I would have binged on the homemade cookies and sweets and they didn't have any appeal yesterday. So yeah I am making merry and not concerned, but surprised at how my tastes in junk have changed.

    Craving fresh today.

    You know, if you binge over the holidays on crap, just get back on that wagon. It happens. It is not a moral shortfall. I can't vouch for its impact on your health, but once you eat it, that cat is out of the bag. Make your next meal primal. It was nice to be around friends and try their dishes and enjoy and not have to answer questions about "my diet" or be a diet nazi or worry. For me, there is only one time of year where I will see 30 lovingly prepared appetizers laid out.
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    I actually started PB last week after many months on reduced carb regime before taking the bigger step....heckuva time to start PB and reminds me of the Airplane movie lines from Lloyd Bridges.

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    I want to blame my face-plant into non-primal holiday treats on being 7 mo. Pregnant, but I just can't. I really have no issue passing on non-primal meals, it's the cookies that get me every time! I have been ravenous for sugar the past week, and having a hard time getting back to primal. When I cheat, it's always on treats (or nachoes but I rarely have a problem with getting back the next day. This whole week has been a disaster and it's not even Christmas!! Luckily, despite all my downfalls since thanksgiving (not to mention my first trimester) my weight has not ballooned and I have only gained 10 lbs. so far this pregnancy.

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    Betorq, you in Hawaii for a wedding? What island?

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