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Thread: The Super Secret Potato Project

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    My weigh ins, have not gone as planned. I think because my schedule is so messed up this week especially for my weigh in times. I am only down 2lbs this week still teetering on the edge of 70, which really pisses me off. I am also more active this week. Lots of running around away from home and when I am home, lots of house cleaning. Like lights and crown molding and crap way up high. I don't know who's bright idea it was to have so many freaking lights and crown molding in this house So I have been up and down up and down ladders like a gazzillion times this week. So I dont know if that is having some kind of effect... arrggh I only arrgggh now. I know in the long run, that is all good stuff

    I am too OCD to wait until the end either. I would rather weigh at a weird time and be pissed off about it all day I guess.

    I do feel like my tummy looks a little better.
    65lbs gone and counting!!

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    Hi guys everything is going well, I lost 2 lbs yesterday, I am at 212, I fell asleep last night at 9pm ,I slept all the way till about 5am, I never sleep that well.
    Yesterday at 3 med taters, and a bowl of rice, it was about 700 cal.

    I am getting tired of potatoes ,my three cats where begging me for a piece of my DH chicken for his lunch today, well I gave a little to them and a small bite for me, it was the greatest chicken ever. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by WonkoTheSane View Post
    I'm all done.

    11 days of the potato diet (and one back to primal eating) and I'm down 4.2kg (9lb3oz). My tastebuds feel better adjusted to avoiding the sweet crap that I was falling for again, and I'm enjoying savouring my meat and veggies again. Strong black coffee tastes goooooooood again, not bitter.

    I wish I'd taken more measurements. I thought of waist etc after I'd already lost a couple of pounds. d'oh.

    I wrote up the experience at:
    Thanks for leading the way, and thanks for the posts, they were very helpful!

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    Ok, time for an update. Added Fasting Glucose and Blood Ketone readings. Sort of surprised to be in ketosis each morning!

    Day 1: Calories: 1860
    Starting Weight: 194.6
    Starting BF: 19.1%
    Fat Pounds: 37.16
    Lean Mass: 157.43
    FBG: 107

    Day 2: Calories: 1211
    Morning Weight: 193.6
    BF: 18.9%
    Fat Pounds: 36.59
    Lean Mass: 157.01
    FBG: 101

    Day 3: Calories: 1119
    Morning Weight: 190.4
    BF: 18.9%
    Fat Pounds: 35.98
    Lean Mass: 154.41
    FBG: 104

    Day 4: Calories: 1252
    Morning Weight: 189.6
    BF: 19.7%
    Fat Pounds: 37.35
    Lean Mass: 152.25
    FBG: 94
    Ketones: 0.2

    Day 5: Calories: TBD
    Morning Weight: 188
    BF: 18.2%
    Fat Pounds: 34.25
    Lean Mass: 153.95
    FBG: 97
    Ketones: 0.4

    So far, down almost 3 fat pounds, 3.5 lean mass pounds, FBG is down 10 points. I am tolerating the experiment very well, drinking only black coffee, tea or water. Eating only potatoes with spices, sometimes a bit of olive oil spray in the pan for non-stickiness. Yesterday, I ate a quart of steamed white rice for dinner, with soy sauce and spices. Seemed to have no negative effect.

    My goal is to continue until Day 10, which is my company Christmas Party.

    My boss is in town for lunch today, we'll see how this goes. Gotta eat just rice or potato for lunch, this will be fun to explain.

    Stay strong spud crew!

    EDIT: Also, not sure what happened on Day 4 with the bodyfat meter. Seems to be a misread, but it appears the trend is still downward.
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    I'll be taking a walk on the wild side today. Picked up some reds and yukons
    65lbs gone and counting!!

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    And there goes the neighborhood - reds and yukons are just like
    crystal meth and black tar heroin.

    It's been nice knowing you. Farewell!

    @Atticus - sweet stats! I've been using ketostix (certainly not the same as a meter) and noticing
    ketosis as well. Which is odd on a 100% carb week. But not too weird since the cals are so low.


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    Ketosis?! Whodathunkit

    The other tator thread, as we know, was/is loooooooooooong so I might have just missed it, but I dont recall anyone checking for that?
    65lbs gone and counting!!

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    I know! Whowouldathunkitsonoonethunktodoit!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Ok, time for an update. Added Fasting Glucose and Blood Ketone readings. Sort of surprised to be in ketosis each morning!
    Starting Weight: 194.6
    Day 5: 188

    My boss is in town for lunch today, we'll see how this goes. Gotta eat just rice or potato for lunch, this will be fun to explain.
    You are doing exactly as I would have predicted. I think if you're gonna do it--do it right! The plainer the better. Good job.

    Who would guess? A high carb, ketogenic diet that makes us both insulin sensitive and insulin resistant in a good way. I can only imagine what good stuff is happening with leptin and gut flora.

    I've done this at lunches with people: get a baked potato off the salad bar or menu, get a big side of cheese, sour cream and butter, but cover your potato with salt, pepper, and chives--they'll never notice you are just eating a plain potato.

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    Female: 5.4, small framed
    Age: 30
    Start weight: 139
    Goal weight: 120

    Generally, i find it extremely hard to lose weight. Regardless of my way of eating, calories have to be kept at roughly half of what I burn in order to see the scale move down. This is the case even when ketogenic paleo, and also when I did Weight Watchers years ago as a teenager - calories are very important for me because I am very sedentary!

    Calorie burn is measured with my FitBit device which I wear daily. I find that it is a neat little motivational tool that gets me moving and more active than I otherwise would be.

    December 02 - 139 pounds
    Calories: Not recorded
    Calories burned: 1764
    Steps taken: 4862

    December 03 - 138.8 pounds
    Calories eaten: 911
    Calories burned: 1841
    Steps taken: 6851

    December 04 - 138.8 pounds
    Calories eaten: 1128
    Calories burned: 1574
    Steps taken: 1099

    December 05 - 138 pounds
    Calories eaten: 804
    Calories burned: 1655
    Steps taken: 1661

    December 06 - 136.6 pounds
    Calories eaten: 790
    Calories burned: 2082
    Steps taken: 11750

    December 07 - 137.4 pounds
    Calories eaten: 1042
    Calories burned: 1769
    Steps taken: 5692

    December 08 - 138 pounds
    Calories eaten: 1014 (approx)
    Calories burned: 2367
    Steps taken: 18421

    December 09 - 137 pounds

    I have been eating a mixture of sweet potato and normal potato. The potatoes are baked skin on and just eaten whole, perhaps with a tiny sprinkling of salt and pepper. Sometimes I mash peeled potatoes with apple cider vinegar. The sweet potatoes are peeled, sliced up and baked on baking paper and eaten with a sprinkling of cinnamon. Only drink herbal teas all day long - with one caffeinated cup first thing in the morning.

    Sleep has been great - normally on calorie intakes this low my sleep turns to custard, because I feel all antsy and wired up. But not with potatoes!

    Energy and concentration - totally fine, no issues there

    Bowl movements - PERFECT

    Also, the potatoes are extremely delicious and satisfying. I stop eating when I am satisfied and when I am hungry again I can't wait to eat more potatoes! I love them and not sick of them yet. I generally eat a very spartan diet anyway with minimal spicing so this is a piece of cake for me!

    All in all, this is an extremely easy, painless way to create a substantial calorie deficit. So far the weight loss is not spectacular, as I could have achieved the same results with a PSMF style diet (but that is usually just water weight). I am happy with what is happening in the mirror though
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