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Thread: Non-fragrant, organic coconut oil brand?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    If your husband doesn't like coconut oil, why use it? Use ghee. It's essentially dairy-free since the milk solids are removed, the smoke point is higher than coconut oil, it's much more nutritious and it's way more versatile. It can be used in everything from dessert to breakfast to heavy meat dishes. Refined coconut oil is going to be less nutritious (coconut oil isn't very nutritious anyway), so why use it? I'd much rather use grassfed butter, ghee, extra virgin olive oil or rendered animal fats than refined coconut oil any day.
    Yes to all you said but I would not COOK with olive oil...changes the flavour too much.
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    I must admit I am the same... Oddly I can drink a cup of peppermint tea with coconut oil (or kinda...gulp it down fast) but I don't like cooking with it because of the flavour it imparts to the food! Still I think coconut oil is awesome for you (when I started taking a spoonful in tea each day, my skin became super soft and much less dry!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    If your husband doesn't like coconut oil, why use it? Use ghee.
    We do cook with ghee and butter. But sometimes, when he cooks, he wants oil, for whatever reason.

    I am not arguing with him--because as a family, we have come a long way from grains to almost no grains at home. I am totally on a Primal diet, all of husband's and daughter's home meals are primal. Husband does it non-primal outside the house, but that his deal. I can live with it. Daughter's breakfast, school lunches, and dinners are primal, but during the weekend, if she wants pasta, husband fixes it for her. I am not having a nutritional discourse with him. Again, he is eating way healthier than say a year ago. And my daughter (touchwood) loves vegetables, meat, and fruit. She loves her almond butter on bread as well, but those requests are very rare.

    There. I went on a tangent (!)

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