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Thread: Fell off the wagon over Thanksgiving. Fast to get back on?

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    Another alternative is to just dive back into how you ate and exercised before the wagon got away from you.

    I went to a buffet on T-Day and pigged out (mostly paleo stuff except for the desserts).

    Then on Friday, back to regularly scheduled programming.

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    I allowed myself to eat the normal T-giving foods, dressing, mac and cheese etc, but I didn't have dessert, I did have a piece of sweet potato pie but after the first bite threw it out because it was TOOOOOO sweet and I just couldn't eat it. I had 2 slices of pizza during the holiday and some fried catfish Sunday night watching the game but had nothing from 1:00 till 8:00, which for me is a long time. Sunday I cooked my normal primal food for a few days or lunches for work and I"m good.
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    i ussually fast everyday from 14 to 16 hours so i kind of don't worry about a more extended fast. i just make sure i get more protein then carbs during my next meals, and eat complex carbs if i do

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