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Thread: Kid will be dead by 25? I hope not but.... wow.

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    I guess I am pretty out of the main stream and so is our 14 yr old son. We never encounter kids that eat that way. We unschool and most of our friends do some sort of alternative education maybe that's why the kids we know don't eat that kind of junk.

    I'm all for not controlling kids, that's one of the tenets of unschooling, but if that kid drinks soda and eat craps it's the parents that are buying it for him, they made the choice to purchase unhealthy foods. We buy healthy foods and DS can what he wants when he wants but I feel it is my responsibility to provide nutritious foods. To let the corporations influence your child's eating habits and call that "not controlling" is just lazy.

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    While I'm generally against forcing kids to eat what they don't like because I believe that my parents making me "clean my plate," made me into a fat kid (swallowed what I didn't like whole so I could eat what I did like in peace), I think those parents have taken permissive and turned it into stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoanieL View Post
    While I'm generally against forcing kids to eat what they don't like because I believe that my parents making me "clean my plate," made me into a fat kid (swallowed what I didn't like whole so I could eat what I did like in peace), I think those parents have taken permissive and turned it into stupid.
    I also remember the dinner fights and sitting at the table crying. I dont do that to my kids...but I also think at their ages 6 and 8, they should still be asking me before taking food. I think it's a HUGE help that we dont have TV and all of those influential food commercials bombarding my kids!
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    that is horrible that the kid only ate that stuff you listed....but i didn't eat paleo my whole life. When i was a kid I loved my sodas and chips and fast food and candy. Though i did eat my mom's homemade foods as well, we ate plenty of the junk food too. And we were skinny as can be. But eventually the body can't handle the junk, and the individual needs to take care of themselves. Hopefully the kid somehow realizes sooner than later how important it is to put the right stuff in his body.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudyCr View Post
    Nearly the same thing here: my nephew walks in, 12 yr old chubbs, looks at all the, may I just say, damn gorgeous food I had laid out, and honest to God said, this shit ain't gonna fly. My mouth fell open, my husband grabbed the back of his sweatshirt and hauled him outside to chat. They came back in, the kid said, I'm sorry, Aunt Judy, I'm just used to eating sliders, fritos and dip and cakes and pies. I know you went to a lot of trouble on all this. All this was:

    Butternut sage soup
    Stuffed mushrooms
    Bacon wrapped pecan dates & pineapple
    Chicken liver pâté on platter of org celery, cukes, carrots & peppers

    Beef & mixed veggies stir-fry
    Salmon cakes
    Crispy curried sweet potato coins
    Roasted pearl onions

    Platter of asparagus spears, halved cherry tomatoes, olives, cauliflower hummus & many types of cheese

    Carrot gingerbread muffins w/coconut frosting

    26 other folks thought it was "luscious".. Stuffed those mushrooms with Italian sausage, spinach, onion, red pepper, cooked in bacon fat, yum! My aunt brought loaves of homemade bread that everyone other than moi enjoyed. Deal was adults only, the kid came at the last minute, which was fine, I got over his rude comment, DH not so much because he knew how hard I'd worked.

    I'm using PRACTICAL PALEO for recipes this week. Love all of my primal and paleo cookbooks but hers is really good.
    Judy: All I can say is: You are a Goddess in the kitchen! Thankfully you exercised some good old fashioned self-control -- because with all your chin up training --- that kid might have sustained some serious cerebral damage if you had taken him out back to teach him a lesson in manners yourself! He got off easy this time! In any event, how you put this wonderful, wonderful dinner together is just fabulous and I'm sure your guests will be exclaiming about it for some time. I'd like to see you become a network host of primal cooking ! Boom! /Louisa
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    LOL you are too sweet, Dear Louisa. It was an organized effort that I never could have pulled off without the physical training. Now if I could run up the killer hills like you do and have people honking at me, I'd be set

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    That's terrible. I almost feel like it's worse for the skinny kids, because there's absolutely zero pressure to eat better in terms of appearance, etc. The dominant paradigm is that if you're thin, you're HEALTHY and can eat anything you want!

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    I have a niece who is obese, always has a mixed drink in her hand. Her son is is 6. My other niece and nephew have weight issues. She is obese, he is overweight. Their two children are 12 and 8. His mother is dying from atherosclerosis and is expected to die at anytime. At family get togethers these children are always fed soda, cakes and all kinds of pastries etc from Costco. The kids ingest sugar all day and into the night at family functions. The adults all eat the same way.

    I have lost 47 pounds the last two years and when people noticed I told them what I do. Their eyes glaze over and someone may say, oh that's When we went out three weeks ago the group picked a pizza/pasta restaurant. Aside from the salad there was nothing on the menu I could eat. I am type II and work at keeping my bs in check. So my brother in law turns to me and says how long are you gonna be on that weird diet? I tell him I cannot eat what they are eating and everyone kinda gives a look of OMG, chill out. So I guess I am saying this part of the family are all sugar and carb eaters and see nothing wrong with eating this way. Their children are being raised this way and when they have their friends over with their children those families are eating the same way.

    Me? I am the weirdo for going primal. People just shake their head and move on.
    Primal/Paleo is not for everyone, it's for those who have committed to understand.
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    That kid must have some nice marbling.
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    I'd criticize the kid and his parents, but I made some pretty questionable food choices as a kid too, when I first arrived in the US. The novelty of having processed foods meant that I spent an entire summer subsisting on Little Debbies and Pringles Sour Cream & Onion. I was lucky to be genetically blessed with a blazing metabolism, so I remained a stick, but I know one can easily get obese on that type of childhood diet.
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