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Thread: How do you all control sweating after a workout?

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    I workout at lunch and get back to the office for the afternoon.....

    I get at least 2 hours for lunch though and my workouts are only about 20 minutes long. So 20 minutes workout, 20 minutes in the sauna..... then a very cold shower (we're talking no hot water whatsoever) for at least 5 minutes and usually 10. By then I'm usually good to go.

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    Very cold shower works for me!
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    After a cold shower I always put on a thin t-shirt under my work shirt as I found the deodorant stained the underarms after a while

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    I'm the same way. I workout during lunch a couple of times a week, and I try to do an extended cooldown on the bike or treadmill. Sometimes it works, sometimes I keep sweating. Showers don't work, so I'm guessing is physiological and not likely to change.

    Sometimes I'll change into a casual polo or similar for a while before putting my button down back on, which is a nice option for me.
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    I deep breath when I feel myself sweating, 2-5 min after my workout. Nothing crazy, just breath from the stomach while I am changing and before I get in the shower, and I will repeat after the shower if I feel the sweat coming.
    I don't know if this really works or I just think it works.
    After a 20 min workout there won't be a dry spot on my shirt, I sweat, and for about an hour after I workout I will sweat, so when I feel the sweat coming I deep breath for 30 or seconds and it seems to stop.

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    I have this problem too. I take a cold shower, and then dress in a room with a box fan blowing on me on high. I also consume a lot of ice water post workout.

    Cooling yourself down quickly, inside and out should save your shirts.

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    I have some body wipes that I got from road runner sports that I use. I will occasionally go for a noon run but mainly I use them for the times I have been at construction sites in the sun. Due to all the PPE i have to wear for my job I can sweat up a storm and want to feel clean when I am in the office.

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