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Thread: It's not working! :(

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    Far too much yogurt and fruit. And do you add honey to your tea? I do with my first cup but nothing after that.

    Give the diet 21 days, follow it strictly. It will work for you.
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    For me, calories count, so I count them.

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    1. Stop snacking. Eat real meals made up of fat, meat and veg. Eat enough to satisfy you and the need to snack goes away.

    2. Give it 6 weeks. Women tend to lose more slowly than men.

    3. Stop comparing yourself to others.

    4. Aim to eat strictly primal. Doing it 'fairly well' for a couple of weeks isn't going to do much.

    5. Read the book.
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    I'm a dairyholic, so I understand cutting down isn't easy.

    The thing to remember is that primal for general health and primal while slimming down are 2 different things. You can either wait for the primal thing to bring your weight down or you can actively slim.

    If slimming then all the usual stuff still applies, ie a reduction in calories/portions/frequency of eating and yep, even steering away from excessive fat.

    Once you're entirely primal and at your ideal weight you'll already have fewer cravings AND the fat-burning ability to tuck into hi-fat foods such as nuts and fatty meats.

    I know there's a general attitude that just going primal will make you slim, that you don't need to care about calories and all that. Maybe that's entirely true but if you want to slim, why not speed things up by primal slimming?


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    Quote Originally Posted by InSearchOfAbs View Post
    For me, calories count, so I count them.
    I second this. It's easy to underestimate how many calories you're eating. How much is a "bowl of yogurt" or a "handful of nuts?" Both can be pretty high in calories. One thing that CW got right (more or less) is that a caloric deficit is needed for most people to lose weight. Try tracking it for a few days and then you'll be able to see where you can make adjustments.

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    More vegetables.

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    Hi everyone!

    Thank you so much for your replies! I can't tell you how good it is to get help on this.

    I am not very overweight, I just used to be a lot slimmer and I want to wear those clothes :P I am about a US size 8 but I used to be a US size 4-6 not so long ago and I spent a lot of money on those clothes, so you see what my motivation is!

    Re the amaretto, I am having one-two shots with some ice.

    My salads were a big pile of salad, with some meat scattered on top and olive oil and balsamic vinegar drizzled on top. Is this the correct dressing to use?

    My friend basically told me that you can pretty much eat as much as you want as long it's got fat in it, so I went a little wild...oops! Now I know better (I will let her now what you've told me actually because it might help her too!)

    Judging from what everyone has said I am going to:

    1. Cut out dairy except for a tiny bit of cream in tea

    2. Start being more careful about portions, especially meat. @sbhikes - Thanks for the meal plan! I am going to follow it! I think I've been eating nearer to 8oz of meat...uh oh!

    3. Cut out nuts (for now, at least until I get down to the weight that I want)

    4. Increase the veggies I'm eating

    5. Cut out fruit (for now)

    5. Cut out snacks completely

    6. Be more patient!

    7. Read the book (she says, sheepishly). I thought I could get away with it, but obviously not! Which one though? I had a look, but there seem to be multiple versions?

    I have one last question though:

    Is it OK to be roasting vegetables or should I just avoid adding olive oil to things? Is boiling/steaming the best way? (ps, this diet is less fun than I thought, haha! That doesn't mean I'm going to give up though!)

    I think I might take a picture every day to motivate myself and keep track of it. Do you think it's a good idea for me to start weighing myself?
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    Roast your vegetables, but make sure that starchy vegetables are minimal, and most of your vegetables are non-starchy (like every kind of cabbage, eggplants, zucchinis, green beans, celery, leeks and peppers rather than beets, carrots, turnips and potatoes).
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    I steam all my veggies but wouldn't think roasting would be a problem either. As for books the one I read is the Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain. He's kind of the guru for paleo eating. And yes there are differences between paleo and primal w/ paleo focusing more on lean meats and less fat. Also potato and rice are out. It's where I started and have dropped 30 lbs in 4 mos. Very easy read and loads of example meal plans and recipes included. About $11 bucks on Amazon last I checked. Truth be told after I found this site and started incorporating more fat into my diet the weight loss slowed so there's that to think about. I believe what is said about our brains and bodies needing good fat so I have tried to strike a balance. Still for quicker weight loss I concur about limiting fat for now.
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    Sounds like a better plan. I really think you should try to read the book if you can!

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