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Thread: Primal Potato Diet (PPD)

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    I have most every appliance known to man... except a waffle maker. But DD got one for Christmas from her SO, but I am guessing she will leave it there. I bet my sister can find me one at a garage sale. And since she really does own every appliance known to man, I bet she has one she is not using
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    Quote Originally Posted by otzi View Post
    And you almost sold your waffle maker at your garage sale last summer for 50 cents....
    Lies! All lies!

    My family is not primal, just me, so I make them whatever their little hearts' desire...... even waffles...... OH NOES!!!

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    I easily eat 2.5-3 pounds per day, plus steamed/raw veggies. Absolutely stuffed. But I did heavy deadlifts and squats today so I probably need to eat more.

    Also, can too much potassium dehydrate like too much sodium? I've consumed ~10,000mg of potassium today, and I'm awfully parched.

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    Dang, I gave my son my waffle iron last time he was in town.

    I'm on day 2. I get outrageously hungry after Yukon Gold taters but do fine on sweet potatoes. I was at Trader Joes eyeing the rice today but realized if I had a serving of rice on day 2, it would lead to other things. So I have a tray of sweet potatoes in the oven and roasted yukon's ready for the next couple days.

    I don't know if I'll still be doing this on Monday when some of you start, depends how I'm feeling and what the scale is doing.

    Having been a tater eating McDougalite for 9 years, I could happily munch taters all day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fateater View Post
    I'm starting tomorrow, well, tonight I'll have potatoes for dinner and start full out tomorrow. I don't need to wait til Monday and can't afford to anyway. Since I'm out of meat it's the perfect time to begin. I just bought $20 worth of assorted potatoes, red/yellow/purple and a few sweets. Cool there are other people who'll be doing it around the same time.
    Me, too! Eating the last of my leftovers and then going to buy potatoes. I have to start tonorrow to give me a whole week before my work Christmas party. After that I have a couple of other things planned through the holidays that would get in the way so tomorrow it us. You and me fateater! I'm kind of scared!

    Someone remind me... 1-2 lbs per day on average? And black coffee okay? Can't believe I'll have to give up my cream! Okay, I know it's only 7 days!
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    I haven't been to the forum in weeks, but tonight, I found this thread. Just read all 20 pages. What a cool hack! I'm in for Monday. I haven't been eating more than 50% Primally for a while now, so I'm coming at it from a non-fat-burning perspective. I'm going to go out and buy myself a variety of potato types - might as well play with this a little.

    Right now I have baby red potato gems that roast up into tiny little mouth-bombs - meltingly good! Need me another few bags of those for sure!

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    I'm totally in for next week's potato challenge! Aaaaaages ago I initially voiced my apprehension at women's success with the hack, but it appears to now be a non issue.

    Going to buy a ton of organic potatoes and sweet potatoes tomorrow. I will start on Sunday and stop on the following Sunday (7 whole days) Looking forward to saving cash on food this week so that I can spend it on christmas pressies for everyone else

    Will post more details in the "challenge" thread when it pops up! taters gonna tate....

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    Round two...

    I have just commence round two of the PPD... First time round was 10 days of mainly potatoes, some white rice, spring onions, chives red peppers, chillies and a splash of hot chilli sauce. I dropped 6kgs over the 10 days.

    After the first round my eating wasn't very good, bread, beers, cake, chocolate all creeped back in. So last week I slapped myself hard a couple of times and cleaned up the food. Surprisingly I only put on 0.5kgs.

    Anyway back on board the PP and Rice Diet for round 2 and two days in I am down 2kgs, lowest in 12 plus years. I have about 3.5kgs to go to get to my goal I set myself three years ago when I started on primal. Due to this hack I sure I can get there. This time around I have added in few more green veggies (zucchini, onions, caulflower, broccoli), some fruit as in half a handful of berries, these don't seem to be having an affect at this stage. Veggies are once a day and about 1 cup mixed. Eating as many spuds and rice as required to full me up

    "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog

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    You guys are making me really happy I started this thread! I almost didn't do it, but I had such great success I felt I should since Otzi was getting trashed on his original thread and it was becoming quite long!

    I talked to Otz a while back and he said something I hope he doesn't mind me sharing...he said this 'hack' makes losing weight so easy it spoiled the fun of dieting for him.

    I know I have found a way to keep my weight in check and have to watch out for getting lax. I know I can just do a week of potatoes and lose 5 pounds without any stress. I'll be watching you guys next week, hope I can find your secret thread!
    Good luck.

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    Well I did it I decided to go a week and the last day is today, I had a little problem in the beginning, but I am down 8lbs in 7 days. I might go 1 more week and join you guys.

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