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Thread: Dark under eye circles

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    Guys - you are beautiful anyway !!! we all have little flaws ??? bug bears ??? no-one else notices them except us. Accentuate the positives, and you might not notice the bug bears as much ??????
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    ...small steps....

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    You are right Gwamma! I'm sure no one else notices or gives a stuff.

    Its just that everyone is so almost perfect now after taking up primal, we have only the tiny things to occupy our thoughts :P
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    Under eye circles are largely genetic. Some people have very thin skin around their eyes and will look perpetually sleep-deprived no matter what. Find a good rollerball eye serum and a good concealer.
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    Food allergies.

    Once I removed the worst offenders, the dark circles disappeared within less than two weeks.
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    As a guy I had the same problem. My friend is a dermatologist and she recommended using an eye cream that contains retinol, the over the counter version of Retin-A. This will increase the cologen in the area under the eye and allow the blood to not pool there. I know it's not a primal remedy but after using a product by Roc, I rid myself of the eye circles. Another benefit is it will also prevent eye wrinkles and crows feet.

    good luck!
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    If it isn't completely your ethnicity and therefore genetic, it is likely food.
    I have always read that dark circles are the result of dairy for most people.
    If I cut dairy out of my fair skinned children's diets, the circles go away.
    Even in my own olive complexion I can lighten the circles a bit by going dairy free. However, they likely will never go away completely. Those of us with darker olive skin will always sport the smokey eye look.

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    My wife had that for a long time, but got them really bad when she was dropping weight. The Chinese medicine that she was taking for that was for the liver, not the kidneys, and it seemed like it was related to losing weight and detoxing. There's something about lack of sleep that prevents proper liver function too, which is apparently why people who don't sleep well get them worse than others.

    You might try some herbal supplements for detoxing, but you might have to suck it up for a while as your body heals itself.

    *Note* I could be completely ignorant regarding the above information, as I have a pretty limited understanding of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiana View Post
    Under eye circles are largely genetic. Some people have very thin skin around their eyes and will look perpetually sleep-deprived no matter what. Find a good rollerball eye serum and a good concealer.
    Yup. The only thing I've found that really does work us Clinique's dark circle corrector. Even though it's a little $$$, the tube lasts a long time and it seriously does work.

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    High histamine levels from allergies or other causes, and vit B12 deficiency, are well-known common contributing factors to dark circles under the eyes.
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    I dont' know how old you are, but often times dark circles appear as we age due to thinning of skin in that area. this is very common. Also, genetics play a part.

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