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Thread: Coconut water

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    Huge fan of the stuff. Green coconuts and canned/bottled (the pure stuff, without anything added) tastes pretty much the same to me, with green being a little more work (but not too bad). Avoid the Goya brand and similar - lots of junk (sugar) added to the can.

    I also really like young coconut, which are the kind which are a little bit older and you buy them with the husk already shaved. I the store they look like a white artillery shell. (One side is flat.) You get the coconut water, and then the rubbery meat inside while easily peels out is great, too. Blend both together for a good smoothie.

    I'm not a big fan of dried coconut (the brown ones) only because although it's tasty, I've injured myself slightly a few times trying to get the meat out.
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    I recently scored some young coconuts for 50 cents each at the store. Love the water, but not much of a fan of the rubbery meat. Also more fun to drink out of the coconut than a plastic container.

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    Random question: What is the best brand to order in bulk? I hate the pulp nastiness, and I want young green coconut water. Used to be able to get them when I lived in Florida, but not so much in New England

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarissaLinnea View Post
    I really love the stuff, I could probably drink it all day but I only allow myself to have one glass a day after my workout. I always dilute with half water because it tends to be quite sweet.

    Anyone else love coconut water?
    I used to drink it a lot. We would ferment the water it into a kefir and blend up the meat and ferment it into a yogurt. Then we would add either lime, ginger and stevia or lemon, strawberry and stevia, and the finished product was very much like the Kevita drinks you get a Whole Foods. When we started this, the young coconuts were $1.50 each then they shot up to $3.00 each and now the price has come back down to $1.50 each so we may start again.

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    I love coconuts but must admit that coconut water tastes different, it tastes neither like coconut nor water. I drink organic coconut water though (you can see the video review for it), its healthier and contains less calories than fruit juices for example, you can also read this article about coconut water ingredients.
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    Coconut water is pretty much the perfect drink taste wise for me. Its sweet without being overpowering, it has some depth of flavour and its incredibly refreshing. Sadly its still has enough sugar, and its expensive, that I don't buy it regularly.
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    I love coconut water. I love pretty much all things coconut.

    Just drank coconut water now. It was awesome.
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    I like it most. Specially in summer. I love organic one very much.

    Cocowell PURE Organic agua de coco
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