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Thread: Coconut oil and weight

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    You mention 'regain your health.' I also have an autoimmune disorder (Hashimoto's thyroiditis), but I have no illusion that I can 'heal' my body with coconut oil. Many of the claims for its healing powers are made by those who market the product (or have been influenced by those marketing techniques). Eating a healthy Primal diet is, IMO, best for my body, but I have no illusions that I can control all illness and disease with a good diet and healthy exercise program.

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    What do you mean by calorie threshold?
    Do you mean within my calorie range?
    30 TBS to gain one pound? Wow, l find that amazing. You mean without eating anything else but CO?
    Just trying to understand what your saying.

    I may have an immune condition, as you know it's very difficult to diagnose any kind of immune disease. Somedays l feel fine and others feel rotten. But l can say since l have been eating full fat dairy and more fats l actually feel better, but l have also gained, which is why l am worried to add more to my daily diet.

    Not sure l agree with you in regards to coconut oil being recommended for profit.

    Have you read the book "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon? It's a great read and full of very interesting information.
    She states in her book that you need to eat 3-4tbs of CO, per day to see improvement in immune diseases.
    I really do believe this to be true. I am not saying to cure, but to improve. What have we got to lose? I would rare try that than be put on all these other meds which have terrible side effects.


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    What I meant was that if you are currently eating exactly as many calories as you burn, you'd have to add an additional 30 tablespoons of coconut oil on top of that to gain a pound, assuming nothing else changes.
    I wish I liked to eat liver.

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    Thanks for that. I find that pretty amazing.
    But extra coconut oil still equals extra calories, so wouldn't that still mean some sort of weight gain?

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