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Thread: "Cheating" (or implementing the 80% rule) is becoming really uncomfortable.

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    I picked up some Pilsbury orange cinnamon rolls this weekend, they were next to the yogurt and they looked tasty (I used to buy them all the time), yes I know they are about as un-primal as one can get (wheat, sugar, processed food, etc.).

    We ate them for breakfast Sunday... my husband had an upset stomach afterwards, and I was shaky and ravenous a couple hours later from the sugar rush and crash.

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    Consider it a lesson learned and don't eat wheat. 20% is not a requirement. I'm lucky in that I don't get sick, I just pack on 5-8 lbs of water weight.
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    NO way I could ever give up all natural peanut butter. I don't care how many "anti-nutrients" it contains; it's just too damn good!

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    I agree with Magnolia - the 20% is not a requirement. It's tougher for us folk that don't get sick on the wheat or sugar. I experience a little bloat is all and that is quickly remedied by eating primal again. It just makes it that much easier not to eat correctly. Will probably try Whole 30 beginning October 30 and carry through Christmas just to make sure I stay on track. (Getting on Whole 30 again seems to make a difference since it is a limited time and I do consider that time a "diet" for all intents and purposes.)
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    I've found that the 20% is absolutely required for me. I've done a couple of Whole30s now and have found after a couple of weeks of zero cheats whatsoever, I'm way more inclined to completely fall off the wagon for much longer than what a single cheat meal/day would do. It helps me stay primal overall, not just get satisfy some craving. Sure, I may get a bit of a "reaction" but it goes away quickly and usually doesn't even throw off my macros for that day all that badly. It'll be something tasty so I get that satisfaction of going off diet for something but enough of a reaction to remind me why I avoid the stuff in the first place. It's all about helping you stay balanced. I think (at least in my case) if I don't cheat a little (whether it's 5, 10, or 20%) I'll go completely off the wagon.

    Also it lets me have my occasional craft beer, which I really love

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    Is this the best cheat ever or what
    well then

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