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Thread: 96-year-old man becomes world's oldest new dad...

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    I can't get over the guy's nice plump face and his arms. My grandma's about to hit 92 and she moved in with my parents. Very independent until some things recently started going wrong, but her skeleton is just so visible everywhere.

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    Wowza that guy looks nothing anywhere close to 96!!!! Hope I hold up that well (but no babies, no more babies EVER!!)

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    The real story here is that he probably didn't have access to Viagra.

    Gramps can still get it up! That's completely unheard of in western countries.

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    First off, I wonder how accurately his age has actually been documented? And hers, too, for that matter.

    Secondly, I'm 55 and if I wasn't taking other precautions, I could easily become pregnant. There is NO WAY IN HELL I would ever let it happen, though!

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    While I haven't boinked anyone in his 90s, I would argue that some grandpas get it up just fine and often. And without pills. It is not unheard of. :::smug smile:::

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    My dad was in his early 50's when I was born. That doesn't seem so old. However, by the time I was 10 and I wanted to ride bikes, run around and play outside, he was now in his 60's. He definitely wasn't up to doing strenuous activity with me by that point. He was a great dad, but I think we missed out on some things that a younger dad and son got to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaohinon View Post
    Growing up with old parents sucked, but mine weren't quite that old.

    These people are just selfish.
    I think the 60 year old women who are getting IVF in the West have them beat on selfishness.
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    Quote Originally Posted by namelesswonder View Post
    Just surprising that her eggs were apparently still in good shape!
    old man sperm is not as virile as that of younger men. it's not just the eggs. 100-year-old sperms? c'mon.
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