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Thread: Do You Use Stevia or Not?

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    I hate stevia. It tastes like aspartame to me.

    I really like xylitol in my morning tea. That's the only sweetener I consume these days.
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    I have come to really like swerve - found it on Amazon. Expensive and not completely natural, but I also never have claimed to be 100% primal. I strive to be 85%

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    All the time. I like black coffee, but can't afford to buy quality beans right now. And crappy coffee is only good if you sweeten it. Plus, I enjoy iced tea, and coconut flour pancakes. YMV, but I have not had any negative effects. I would like to lessen my use, simply as a matter of principle, but it isn't very high on my list of priorities.
    I use to go out of my way to purchase 100% pure powder, but in recent months, I have just been buying Truvia. It's a blend of erythritol, stevia, and (I know some may shudder) "natural flavors".
    BTW, I also use xylitol on occasion, and raw honey.

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    I usually just use honey or sometimes organic sugar. But I dont add it to things very often.
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    I use stevia in my morning coffee. That's it.
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    I bought some Truvia, which has Stevia as the main ingredient. I don't like it in coffee. It has a strong aftertaste to me; like saccharine used to. If I use a tiny bit in a fruit smoothie, it works, but really a tiny bit - like a few grains of the stuff. I have to say that if Truvia were my only alternative for sweetening coffee, I'd probably stop sweetening my coffee at all. I wish I'd bought it at Whole Foods, because their return policy is awesome for "I just don't like it."

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    I occasionally use it in coffee or tea, but I usually use honey as my preferred sweetener if I really need to sweeten something.

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    I keep a stevia plant on my deck and until recently used the leaves. Using it never had any impact on weight or fat loss, but having the sweet taste in my mouth definitely made me crave sugary items. So I nixed using it around the time I nixed eating fruit. No more sweets cravings!

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    Never used. Doubt I ever will.
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    I use liquid stevia in my coffee daily. I have yet to utilize it in a recipe that requires a sweetener. I use Sweet Leaf "Sweet drops" regular. Although I'd like to try other flavors I've used 3-6 drops a day for a month, the bottle has barely moved! I love the taste, it is alcohol free unlike other brands. But I have no qualms with the use or taste of artificial sweeteners so I may be baised -- YMMV.

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