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Thread: Less carbs means you need less sleep?

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    I don't know about being pregnant but I have always been a light sleeper. It's harder for me to fall asleep but my hours are about the same
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    3rd (or whatever it is up to) co-sleeping. That's what we're supposed to do, to help us not become sleep deprived (imagine Mama Grok putting her baby anywhere other than in her arms to sleep!)

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    ^Exactly. Co sleeping did this with my second and third children, got more sleep at night, baby doesnt lie there screaming while you struggle to open your eyes and get out of bed, and they seem to grow up happier/less stressy...the only thing is they take up more room in the bed than you might think...!

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    Co-sleeping is definitely the way to go! Did this with all 3 of mine, and it helped so much (especially with middle one, who didn't sleep for more than 20 mins at a stretch until she was 3 due to a medical issue) - I wouldn't have retained my sanity without it!

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    Thinking on this will never sleep the way you slept prekids again. It is a total PRIMAL shift. You will wake with a cough or sneeze from now on. "Mom ears" are made in nature, survival of the fittest.

    Also remember the HUGE hormonal shift you are going through. You body is dumping hormones like crazy right now. If you are nursing, it will be more gradual, but if not, the shift is significant! Listen to your body, be gentle. Rest, eat well, breathe.

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    Well I am already cosleeping with a sidecar crib. Unfortunately she won't sleep in it. She grunts, wiggles, and eventually screams. She's only happy somewhat in my arms then she's still up every hour or two. We sleep on the couch sitting up cause she's too tiny to sleep in my arms in the bed. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by teach2183 View Post
    My best suggestion is to sleep with baby, literally. I coslept with both my kids for the first 6 weeks, napped with them during the day as well. Baby will fall asleep more quickly and you will get more rest.
    This +1 Once you can sleep nurse it's all good. I slept with my baby in my bed from day 1, (still do) and nursed in my sleep I also napped when she did. I would lay on my bed nurse her to sleep and just lay there. I did that for 19 months and regretted the day I decided I no longer needed to nap with her. I didn't realize how important it was to my well being to rest with her during the day. Co-sleeping helped everyone get better rest in our family. Hang in there.

    Yeah, the sidecar didn't work for us either she needed to be close. You can have her in your bed, it's amazing how aware you are of them even when you are sleeping, and they you.

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